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November 8, 2012

BOWLING: Three tournaments highlight schedule


DANVILLE — We have three tournaments this coming weekend.

First off, a Couple’s No-Tap tourney is being held at Bulans Bowl on Saturday night at 7:30. The cost is $30 a couple.

A No-Tap Doubles bowling tourney will be held on Saturday at Fast Lanes in Hoopeston. Start time is 7 p.m. and costs $20 a person.

Also at Fast Lanes on Nov 21, there will be a 7-8-9 No-Tap tourney, and you will be able to throw out one game. It is Singles, and there will be both men’s and ladies’ divisions.

Thirty-six Danville seniors will be heading to Champaign this weekend for the Senior State Tournament.

Most of them will bowl both Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. participating in doubles and singles events.

There will be some, who bowl all six games on Saturday, at 2 and 4. If you would like to go to Champaign to support Danville’s own seniors, you can take a short drive to the Western Bowl on Francis Dr.

We have some great scores to tell you about, so let’s get to them. Our big story of the week is Hoopeston bowler George Fix rolled a 300 game on Oct 25th at the Fast Lanes bowling center.

The Monday nite mixed League has been very hot the past couple of weeks. Robin Turner rolled a 257, with a 183 average, as well as a 236. She was able to achieve a 664 series. Jeremy Shumate is still showing his talent by topping out with a 200 game, 62 pins over his average, while Dave Watts knocked out a 193, 64 pins over his average. Kevin Andrews rolled 53 pins over average for a 244. Susie Garman was 54 pins over her average with a 183. Brent Honn, had a 216, 69 pins over his average, while Jack Reffett had a top-notch game of 228, 57 pins over his average. Shumate also rolled a 237.

With a 143 average on the Tuesday Nite League at Bulans, that means he rolled 94 pins over. He also was able to knock out the 6-7-10 split, as well as the 6-7-9-10. Nick Grubbs threw 11 strikes in a row for a 290, and Don Coan garnered a 267. As we stated earlier, many of the senior league bowlers will be competing in a tournament this coming weekend, and some of them same bowlers are starting to warm up for that event. Charlie Graul and Allen Taylor bowled great games. Taylor had a 229, 88 pins over average. It was included in a 598 series, 175 pins over series average. Graul rolled a 228, 87 pins over, and a 551 series, which was 128 pins over. Sue Broderick rolled 57 pins over her average with a 196. Keith Carter, had a 186, 50 pins over his average, while Stan Harvey rolled two high games, a 226 and 242 — 70 pins over his average. With a 652 series, he was 136 pins over his series average. Houston Keys knocked out the 5-6 and the 3-10, while Ed Reed corralled the 2-7. Newcomer to the Senior League is Sue Broderick, exploded the 4-7-10.

The Early Friday Nite League at Sycamore Lanes in Covington is reporting that Jordan Williams has rolled a 239, which is 64 pins over his average, and he also rolled a 602 series. Art Wagoner knocked out a 253, 60 pins over his average.

More great scores, this in from the Friday nite League at Lincoln Lanes. Scott Reinken rolled a 263, Rob Pendleton a 256, and Bill Phillips had a 279. Nicole Brown topped out with a 257, while Brandi Welsch had a 254. Reinken had a 711 series, while Welsch rolled a 642. There were quite a number of bowlers who had 50 or more pins over average in this league. They were: Dorothy McFarland, 220-168-52; Henry Stevens, 237-183-54; Eric Crockett, 260-169-91; Larry Richards Sr., 215-156-59; Karen Rice, 182-131-31; Doc Finch, 233-182-51, and Bill Phillips, 279-182-97.

A slow nite for the Monday nite No-Tappers from Lincoln Lanes. They had only 3 bowlers with scores 50 or more pins over their averages. They were Jimmy Scruggs, 247-185-62; Mike Jett, 250-170-80 and Louise Cunningham, 179-125-54.

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Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ’em down.

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