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September 22, 2013

Fall brings in many memories and changes

The Commercial-News

---- — Autumn comes in today and it sure feels like it with the morning temperatures dropping off like they did Saturday and as they will Monday and Tuesday mornings according to the weather predictions.

Fall marks my favorite time of the year as I’ve always loved the changing of the leaves and the smell of burning firewood and leaves. There was also a time in my life when I looked forward to the opening day of the archery deer season as well as the opening day of the pheasant and quail season.

Today, however, I dance to a different drummer and I would much rather carve or photograph an animal than I would harvest it.

I’m sure that if the population of pheasants and quail were as they were in the 70’s, I would have another dog and both of us would look forward to the day when we could walk the fields and woods in search of both the pheasant and the quail.

I’d rather eat a lobster than just about anything but my second choice has always been a quail. My wife and I were at a restaurant at Mount Rushmore last fall and there was quail on the menu; I passed the steak and had three of the best quail I’ve ever had.

Whenever I talk with hunters that have been around here for quite awhile, we always get on the subject of bird hunting in this area and how great it once was. Times are sure different now; the dogs are long gone and the drive is not there but I sure have a nice carving of a rooster pheasant started just to remember those days.

Tree stand safety

Archery hunters are reminded to double check your tree stands for safety; leave nothing to chance. A sudden fall going up, coming down, or while in the stand itself can sure ruin an opening day and could cause you to miss the rest of the season or all the seasons to come.

With tree stand theft being what it is in today’s world of hunting, I suggest that each hunter purchase a small engraving tool and engrave your driver’s license in an area that is not conspicuous to a thief. These tools can be purchased cheap enough and you can use them to mark your tools and other items as well.

Many times the tree stands end up in the hands of Conservation Police or some local police agency and, if they can find an identifying mark that you may have alerted them to when it was stolen; many times you can get your property back.

Unfortunately our world is full of people that do not respect another’s property and the hunters that abide by the law have to deal with it. This is just a simple way to mark your items.

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