The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 7, 2013

Early fishing run set to start


DANVILLE — The crappie run is underway and Lake Mingo and Mill Creek Lake have been mentioned to me by several anglers as being hot right now. Lake Vermilion has been spotty according to several anglers I talked with that had fished the lake.

Early spring crappie fishing can be a time when you might catch two or three crappies in one spot and then it goes dead. Always return to your good spring spots several times during a fishing trip as crappies move in and out of spots all day long.

Also try changing your depth as it takes very little fluctuation in the weather to move the crappies up or down. Many times I have found them going two or three feet deeper and other times I have found them moving up.

The spring rains coming in should change fishing for the better especially if they are warm rains. From all indications that will be the case early in the week as a big rain is predicted for Tuesday. If that rain is a warm rain, the fishing will pick up quickly.


Resident deer hunters in Illinois can apply online now through April 30 for the first lottery drawings for 2013 Illinois firearm and muzzleloader-only deer season permits through DNR Direct. Just click on the Online Services tab on the IDNR website home page at Application forms in PDF format are also available on the IDNR website at The first lottery drawings for firearm and muzzleloader-only deer permits are for Illinois residents only. Resident hunters can apply in both the firearm and muzzleloader-only lotteries.

The 2013 Illinois firearm deer seasons are Nov. 22-24 (first season) and Dec. 5-8 (second season). The 2013 muzzleloader-only permits may be used Dec. 13-15 (and in the second firearm season, Dec. 5-8).                                                      Mushroom hunters and other visitors to Illinois state parks, fish and wildlife areas, and other IDNR-managed sites with spring turkey hunting programs in April and May are reminded that hunting areas are closed to activities other than turkey hunting from one-half hour before sunrise until 1 p.m. daily during the spring turkey season. The turkey hunting area restrictions are in place for the safety of site visitors and hunters.

No license is required for mushroom collecting in Illinois, although collectors always need landowner permission and, on public sites, must adhere to approved collecting regulations and hours. Collection of mushrooms is allowed in many IDNR state parks and recreation areas, but it is prohibited in any area designated as a dedicated nature preserve.

The next meeting for saving the two dams in Danville will be April 22nd at 6 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus in Danville.

Last Monday evening there were approximately 60-70 people in attendance along with three aldermen and three prospective aldermen. The issue will be brought up in a public meeting on April 30th, the meeting place to be announced.

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