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December 12, 2012

Cash and Phelps win doubles tournament


DANVILLE — There was a great turnout for the Doubles Tournament Sunday at Lincoln Lanes. Congratulations to the following: First place — Larry (Bubba) Cash and Ron Phelps; second place — Nicole Brown and Chad Hoshauer; third place — Larry Richards Sr. and Paul Woodworth; fourth place — Jolene Krout and Roger Gant and fifth place — Terry Bell and Harry Powell.

The Monday Morning Tuesday Morning Ladies League had Laura Baird picking up the 5-6-10 split to start of the week.

The Monday Nite No Tap League at Lincoln Lanes had the following bowlers top 50 or more pins over average: Sue Strong 250 (188 average), Joanie Hedlund 213 (153), Mallory Buss 197 (128) and Matt Myers 193 (127). Both Terry Jones and Essie Syass converted the 5-10, while Pat Evans used the other side of the lane to knock out the 5-7.

The Monday Night Mixed League at Bulans is telling us the following persons rolled 50 or more pins over average: Sandi Burke 258 (171), Greg Miller 219 (168), and Mathew Pate 224 (169).

The TLC League at Bulans on Tuesday night has Don Coan rolling a 263, Jerry Kinney shooting a 221 and a 267 which helped get him a 656 series with a 180 average. Sarah Spencer garnered a 213, exactly 50 pins over average, and let’s not forget Charlie Forshier, who had a 655 series with a 178 average, which also included a 228 game.

The Tuesday MS Nail Salon Bowling League is reporting that in recent weeks Cheryl Callison bowled 201 / 485 series, Sharon Craft bowled a 215, Brenda Lomax bowled a 201 / 575 series, while Sue Strong bowled a 203 / 571 series

The Tuesday Nite Go Getter’s Lisa Moudy topped out at 200, 56 pins over her 144 average. Paula Beatty picked up the 3-10, while Kevin Powell and Joe Elliott both knocked out the 5-10. Melissa Castle demonstrated how we should pick up the 5-7, and her husband Jon Castle picked up the 2-5-7. Irvin Summers snagged the elusive 4-7-9.

The Senior League had only a few higher games this week. Terry Bell rolled a 611 series which included a 235 game. Stan Harvey rolled a 600 series, including a 225 game. Split conversions for the week were Terry Koebrich and Bob Coburn, who both picked up the 5-10. Michelle Williams converted the 5-6, while Greg Miller showed everyone how to pick up the 4-6.

The Early Friday Evening League at Sycamore Lanes in Covington, Ind. had Katrina Edwards rolling a 199-252 and 192 games for a 643 series. She has a 180 average, and the high game was 72 pins over.

Other bowlers 50 or more over includes Darrell Edwards 265 (177), Doug Blankenbeckler 225 (171), Benji Brink 209 (146), and Bill Shoaf with a 227 (170). Karen Blankenbeckler picked up the 7-9, Judy Gebhart, the 4-7-10, and Renee Albea converted the 4-7-9-10.

The Friday Nite Mixed League at Lincoln Lanes had some great scores as well the past couple of weeks. Seven men rolled over 250. They were: Jarvis Brown had a 257, 52 pins over, Tyler West, 97 over, Bryan Lawson 268 (197), Rob Pendleton 255 (190), Terence Cloyd 258, Jarvis Brown 285, and Rich McFarland 278.

Two women had great scores the last two weeks. Brandi Welsch rolled a 238, while Nicole Brown shot 235, 247, and a 278.

The following guys rolled 675 or over: Terrence Cloyd, 678 and a 701, David Henderson 687, Tyler West 698, Jarvis Brown 730 and Wayne Brown, Sr. 682. Two gals were over 625, and that was Nicole Brown with a 729, and Dakota Pollock with a 659, 176 pins over her series average.

Other bowlers 50 or more pins over include: Karen Rice 186 (134), Tyler West 245 (160), Brandi Welsch 238 (186), Larry Richards, Sr. 221 (163), Teresa Cloyd 201 (150), Jarvis Brown 257 (205), Bud Taylor 244 (194), Doc Finch 247 (189), Ed Stone 237 (182), Wayne Brown, Sr. 245 (191), Delbert Lowe 198 (148), and Rich McFarland 278 (215).

Thanks again to the folks who report the scores. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

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