The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 29, 2012

Local bowlers continue to post high marks


DANVILLE — Let’s start off with the Monday Nite Church No-Tap League at Lincoln Lanes. Terry Jones rolled a 682 series which included a 268 — 71 pins over his 197 average.

Finas Glenn was able to pick up the 5-7, while Miles Clark and Larry Craft, both converted the 5-10.

These No-Tap bowlers rolled 50 or more pins over average: Scott Cunningham 242 (188), Mike Jett 274 (176), Albert Syass 244 (163) and Ella Ellis 222 (155).

We have received reports from the Tuesday nite Mutual League at Lincoln Lanes that it has featured a couple of great series the past couple of weeks. Kevin O’Brien rolled a 795 series, but Steve Skimehorn was not far behind with a 782 series with games of 279, 258, and a 245.

Heading to the front part of the Lincoln Center had the Tuesday Nite Go-Getters, with Chris Brookins, Harlie Huckleby, and Tracey Smith all picking up the 3-10 split. Huckleby also knocked out the 5-7, and the 3-5-10 split. Bub Tiffin was able to shoot out the 5-10, and Sue Strong made picking up the 5-7 look easy.

Tuck Miller shot a 564 series, which was 138 pins over his normal, while shooting a 213 game, 71 pins over his norm.

In the Monday Nite League at Bulans, Robin Turner rolled a 631, which included a high game of 256 — 68 pins over her average. Others, 50 or more pins over: Karen Luse 180 (123), and Brent Honn 219 (149).

The Monday Morning Tuesday Ladies League in Westville tells us that Jo-Ann Brooks picked up the 2-7-8.

Back to Tuesday nites out at Bulans, the TLC League has Ed Barteck rolling a 246, and a 660 series. Kristin Duke topped out with a 210, with a 155 average. Don Coan shot a 258, while Stephen Forshier rolled a 631 series.

The Thursday afternoon Senior League is telling us that Houston Key was 64 pins over his average with a 224 game. Allen Taylor shot 113 pins over his series average for a 554 series.

This is another time the USBC no longer recognizes this achievement, but this column will. Stan Harvey, bowled a 203 not once, not twice, but three times, for a 609 series.

Please remember long time Danville bowler Ruth Campbell in your thoughts and prayers. A few weeks back, she had fallen and broke her hip, and she has been in and out of the hospital and nursing home since.

In the Early Friday Evening League over at Sycamore Lanes, Darrell Edwards rolled a 212, 247, and 207 for a 666 series, 153 pins over his series average, and he was also 76 pins over his average for the 247 game. Kenny Storckman shot 52 pins over average for a 186.

Finally, we have some scores from the Friday Nite League starting off with Zech Connelly rolling a 255, and Jarvis Brown shooting a 253. Wayne Brown Sr. shot a 688 series. Megan Connelly bowled a high game of 259, while Nicole Brown topped out with a 236.

The following bowlers had 50 or more pins over average: Randy McMasters 217 (161), Matt Moudy 209 (157), Dorothy McFarland 223 (171), Doc Finch 237 (186), Jon Cox 223 (157), Dave Beckett 198 (136), and Teresa Cloyd 203 (150).

An Alert for all USBC bowlers, most of you should either have or should be getting your USBC card. In the instructions, it says to activate your card.

You do NOT have to actually activate it, only if you want to obtain some of the optional benefits such as coaching, and maybe merchandise at a discounted price.

Please submit all reports before midnight on Mondays. If you need any more info, drop me a note at Check out past articles at

Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

Tuck Miller writes about the bowling on Thursdays. You can reach him by e-mail at