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April 3, 2013

Nelson, Cheeseman both roll 300 games


DANVILLE — First things first — last week I goofed!

I was reading an article sent to me by the Lincoln Lanes Facebook page, talking about the recent three-man tournament. I listed all the winners, but because I did not peruse the entire article, I missed telling you some very important and exciting information.

I neglected to tell you that Jerome Nelson, Sr. and Don Cheeseman each rolled a 300 game. I also missed the chance to tell you that Bob Fauver shot an 811 series.

Last, but certainly not least, because I did not read the entire article, I missed the part about Jason Woodworth rolling not one, not two, but three games, with all the same score. Yes, he rolled a 245 triplicate.

Way to go gents, and the moral of this story, read everything sent, or you might miss some important info.

While we are on the subject of tournaments, if you had already signed up for the City Senior Tourney, you should have received a call that the event scheduled for this coming Saturday and Sunday, has been postponed to April 27 & 28th.

There are still openings, and would love to see this tourney packed out. If you are 50 years of age or over, you qualify. This is a handicap tourney, and your last year’s average will be used to determine how much handicap you will get. The first three games will be bowled at Bulans, with the last 3 being rolled at Lincoln Lanes. The top five bowlers at the end of play at Lincoln’s will compete in a stepladder roll off to determine this year’s champion.


The Monday Nite No Tap League starts off the reports this week with Finas Glenn rolling 81 pins over his average to garner a 280 game, and a 728 series.

A name I had not heard all season is Jeremy Randolph — He topped his game average by 71 pins to roll a 277 game.

Robbie Ketcherside rolled a 718 series, while Sue Strong held steady with a 631. Other No Tappers with 50 or more pins over average were Sharon Craft 244 (191), Devin Heinrichs 253 (143), Joanie Hedlund 217 (153), Eryn Lane 162 (93), Karen Lane 172 (117), and Louise Cunningham 189 (138). John Nixon knocked out a couple of splits, the 5-7, and the 6-4-7. Sue Strong slid the 5 over to knock down the 10, while Devin Heinrichs split apart the 5-6-10.

While we are talking splits, Jo Ann Brooks of the Westville Monday Morning Ladies League knocked out the 2-7-8. In the Tuesday morning MS Nail Salon League, we had Geneva Edwards picking up the 4-5-10, and Nora Price, the 5-10. The Tuesday Nite Go Getters had 4 split conversions with Charlie Tiffin picking up both the 3-8, and the 4-10. Ella Miller knocked out the 5-10, while Kevin Powell split apart the 5-7-9.

We had four senior bowlers rolling 50 or more pins over average this past week. Fred Fultz rolled a 196, 60 over, and Dot McDaniel had a 166, 59 pins over her average. Ed Reed was 68 pins over for a 260, and Meredith Stokes was 51 pins over average with a 177. Some decent split conversions this week for this league, where Phil Stultz knocked out the 3-7, Keith Carter, the 2-7, and the 5-10. Greg Miller knocked the 5-7 apart, as did Bob Coburn with the 5-10. Allen Taylor was the third person to knock out the 5-10 for the afternoon, but he also bridged the wide gap, by knocking out the 6-7. Dorothy Hesler converted the 5-10.

The Friday Evening League at Sycamore reports that Jordan Williams converted the 4-6-7-10, more commonly known as the Big 4 Split. Gary Edmiston rolled both a 174 and a 173, with a 122 average, Pam Gossett bowled a 167, for 53 over, and Karolyn Blankenbeckler rolled a 254, which is 100 pins over her average. Kenny Storkman rolled a 207, 55 over, while Dusty Edwards finishes out this league’s report with a 602 series, which included games of 177-222, and a 203.

We will finish up with the Friday Nite League at Lincoln Lanes. There are usually some great bowlers there, and this week is no exception.

For the men, Billy Morgan had a 258, Henry Stephens 254, Jarvis Brown with a 253, Bryan Lawson, a 258, and Austin Adair with a 278. For the women, Nicole Brown scored a 268, Dorothy McFarland had a 247, and Brandi Welsch had a 232.

Rich McFarland had a 705 series, while Terrence Cloyd bowled a 686. Nicole Brown rolled a series of 655. The following bowlers, not already mentioned above had games of 50 or more above their averages: Wayne Brown Sr. 247 (195), Amanda Noel 176 (113), and Shawn Tietz 234 (184).

Thanks again to the folks who report the scores. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

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