The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 31, 2013

Local perfect games come in bunches recently


DANVILLE — If you remember, last week we reported that Kevin West had recently rolled his 32nd perfect game. Well, three days after that, on Jan. 22, he rolled his 33rd.

Derrick Hufford continues to knock ‘em out by rolling his sixth perfect game at Lincoln Lanes last Thursday evening. Also bowling a perfect game was Terry Jones in the Monday Nite No-Tappers.

Most impressive however was Scottie Reinken bowling his 4th 300 game, at Sycamore Lanes in Covington, Ind. during the Friday Nite league.

He actually rolled 20 strikes in a row. Games were 240-300-258 with a 228 average. His total series was 798.

I told one of these three guys, they need to teach me how to do this. He said, “you just throw the ball down the lane.” Somehow, I figure there is really more to it than that.

We already mentioned that Jones knocked out a 300 game for the Monday Nite Church No Tap league, which was included in an 846 series. Sue Strong rolled a 241, which helped her achieve a 693 series. Other No Tappers 50 or more pins over average were Jimmy Scruggs with a 266 game, Joe Davis with a 244, Mike Jett, a 242, Karen Hoskins had a 230, and Richard Morgan topped out with a 212. Morgan also picked up the 5-10 split, while Finas Glenn carefully slid the 6 pin over to help knock out the 6-7-10.

In the Monday Morning Ladies League in Westville, Judy Mariage picked up the 2-7-8 and Jo Anne Brooks lassoed the 3-9-10.

Tuesdays are a really busy day for leagues in the Danville area. At Lincoln Lanes on Tuesday morning, the MS Nail Salon League reports that Donna Rayhel bowled a 207 for a 586 series. Sue Strong bowled 214 for a 530 series and picked up a 5-10 split, while Connie Krabbe and Roma Buese were bowling a 179 game each. Gloria Pfeifer bowled a 158.

Also on Tuesday, slow action last week with the Go Getters, as we have only Bub Tiffin picking up the 5-10 split. This actually took place on Jan. 22, but I will have some high scores next week, guaranteed.

The Thursday afternoon Senior League reports that John Gebhart rolled a 224 — 53 pins over average, while Bill McDaniel shot a 200 game, 52 over and Ernie Harvey exploded by rolling 69 pins over with a 247 game.

In the split category, Margo Johnson knocked apart the 4-8-10, while Houston Key and Jack Taylor split apart the 5-7. Fred Fultz and Allen Taylor both picked up the 5-10.

Linda Engle snuck between the 4-5 pins, while Dot McDaniel did the same, but on the other side, the 5-6.

One more report from the Friday Evening Mixed League was that Lindy Henkelman bowled a 224 with a 143 average for 81 pins over.

We have a good sized report for the Friday Nite League at Lincoln Lanes, where Rob Pendleton rolled a 257 — 72 pins over average while Terrence Cloyd rolled the same score. Rich McFarland shot a 258 and a 711 series, Jim Thomas a 262, and Jerrad Reed a 279, which helped him obtain a 724 series. Michelle McMasters knocked out a 246.

Other high rollers bowling 50 or more pins over average are: Randy Rickgauer 245 (185), Victoria Smith 143 (93), Tashia Spillman 224 (154) Matthew Pate 233 (163), and Josie Wright with a 171 (121).

Thanks again to the folks who report the scores. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Sunday will be the last day left in the city tournament’s singles and double’s events. Squads will go at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Contact Doug Oakes, the tournament director, at 304-4735 for more information and reservations. Don’t worry, you won’t miss the Big Game or the halftime commercials. It airs at 5:30 p.m.

Attention No Tappers!! There will be a Couple’s No Tap Tourney on Feb. 9 at 7:30 p.m. at Bulans. Price is $30 per couple.

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Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

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