The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 24, 2013

West adds to big career numbers in city tournament


DANVILLE — The numbers are 32 and 3 — 32 perfect games in his personal bowling career, and 3 of them while bowling in the Danville City Tournament, as recent as this past Sunday at Danville’s Bulan Bowl.

Congratulations go to Kevin West, not only for his recent perfection, but also a 766 series which included of course the 300, but also games of 229 and 237.

Speaking of the city tournament, there are still 2 weeks left. Both doubles and singles will be held this Sunday, and Feb 3rd. There are two squads each day at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., and you can contact Doug Oakes, the tournament director at 304-4735 for more information and reservations.

Attention No Tappers!! There will be a Couple’s No Tap Tourney on Feb. 9 at 7:30 p.m. at Bulans. Price is $30 per couple.

Some great scores have been reported in the Monday Nite Church No Tap league including Jimmy Scruggs’ 710 series, Larry Craft’s 691, while Sue Strong had a 664 and Sharon Craft rolled a 633. Scruggs was 63 over with a 264. Other high rollers that shot 50 or more pins over this week were Leean Palmer with a 224 (147), Albert Syass with a 233 (169) and Steve Newell 227 (172). Three great split conversions were made with Craft picking up the 7-9, Steve Newell knocked out the 5-10, while John Nixon corralled the 8-10.

In the Monday Morning Ladies League in Westville, Laure Baird picked up the 6-7 and Judy Mariage lassoed the 2-7-8.

Out at Bulans for the Monday Nite Mixed League, Wes Watkins rolled a 199 — 64 pins over his average of 135.

Tuesdays are a really busy day for leagues in the Danville area. At Lincoln Lanes on Tuesday morning, the MS Nail Salon League reports that Donna Rayhel picked up a 4-10 split, while Dorothy Hesler bowled a 224 and Sue Strong bowled a 211 to finish with a 585 series.

Also on Tuesday, the Go Getter’s Charlie Tiffin rolled a 201, 57 pins over average. Lisa Moudy and Tracy Smith both converted the 5-7, while Mac McDaniel went the other way and knocked out the 5-10.

The TLC League at Bulan’s had Bill Drake rolling a 208 with a 144 average. Charlie Forshier had a 254. Jerry Kinney knocked out a 237 while carrying a 179 average. 151 average bowler Jeremy Shumate knocked out a 211 game, as Don Coan garnered a 211 game. Leslie Miller exploded the 2-7-10 split.

The Thursday afternoon Senior League reports that newcomer Harley Huckelby bowled a 169, 52 pins over average. Ernie Harvey topped out with a 237, 64 pins over, and Sue Strong was 73 pins over average with a 233. Greg Miller picked up the 6-7, Allen Taylor, the 5-10, and Charlie Graul, the 4-7-9.

Taking a trip east to Sycamore Lanes a couple of weeks ago, we visited the Friday Evening Mixed League, and chatted with several of the bowlers. Some great scores were reported. Bowlers bowling 50 or more pins over average were Kevin Barnes 207 (155), Chad Edmiston 182 (124), Missy Storckman 222 (128), and Scottie Reinken 268 (212). Reinken’s 268 were included with a 248, and a 257 for a 733 series. Thanks goes to Blake Norwell, pin technician, for giving me a behind the scenes tour of the pin mechanics.

We have a good sized report for the Friday Nite League at Lincoln Lanes, in fact two week’s worth. On Jan. 11, we had two men roll games over 250: Rich McFarland with a 279, and Joe Cox with a 256. McFarland had a 687 series.

On Jan. 17, McFarland had a 257 game with a 717 series. Terrence Cloyd rolled a 268 with a 729 series. Danny Lazzell shot a 258 to help attain a 693 series. Joe Lewis bowled a 277 and a 706 series. Jim Thomas rolled a 259, David Henderson a 266, and Josh Troxtell a 256.

Other bowlers, 50 or more pins over average: Larry Richards Sr. 248 (165), Wayne Brown Sr. 243 (193), Rick Bland 236 (154), Demond Watson 199 (140), Tashia Spillman 208 (151), and 212 (152),Rob Pendelton 236 (184), Jay Davis 232 (154), Carl Robertson 204 (154), and Bud Taylor 248 (196).

Thanks again to the folks who report the scores. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Please submit all reports before midnight on Tuesdays. If you need any more info, drop me a note at Check out past articles at The blog has been updated.

Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

Tuck Miller writes about bowling on Thursdays. You can reach him by e-mail at