The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 27, 2013

Paxton, Stingley, Warner win tourney title


DANVILLE —  Lincoln Lanes was the venue this past weekend for a three man tournament with the team of Austin Paxton, Brandon Stingley and Zack Warner taking first place.

The team of Jolene Krout, Jason Turner and Robert Fauver was second while the third place team compromised Nicole Brown, Donnie Cheeseman and David Henderson. The team of Jeremy Wright, Evan Davis, and Shawn Tietz was fourth and in fifth place were the team of Paul Woodworth, Larry Richards, Sr. and Jason Woodworth.

Two 298 games were rolled in the Monday Nite No Tap League. Brock Dieu shot 115 pins over his 183 average for that high game as well as an 861 series. Jimmy Scruggs, a 203 average bowler, tossed 95 pins over average to get the 298 as well as a 754 series. Terry Jones also chalked up a 754 series.

Others topping 50 or more pins over average were Finas Glenn with 77 pins over 161 for a final score of 262. Nancy Goodner threw 77 pins over her 161 average of 238, and rolling 50 pins over 165 was Pam Jones.

Split conversions for the No Tappers included Miles Clark with the 2-4-10, Mike Jett slapped out the 3-7, Kenny Smith made converting the 5-7-10 look easy, and Nancy Goodner easily knocked out the 5-7.

From the MS Nail Salon League, a quick report has Shirley Gibson knocking out the 5-7. Getting 200 games were Sue Strong and Sharon Craft, and Ilse Durbin topping her average by 50 or more pins to get a 202 game.

For the Tuesday Nte Go Getters, Gary Holycross rolled a 225 game — 54 pins over. Houston Key was 54 pins over for a 221, Bub Tiffin topped 61 pins over for a 202, and finally Maggie Birge with 103 pins over her series average for a 553. Split conversions for the week were Harl Miller and Jan Frank with the 5-7, and Greg Miller with two conversions, the 5-10, and the 6-7-10.

Some good games were reported in the Senior League. Among them were Shirley Lamm with a 192 game, Greg Miller with a 224, Jim Thomas with a 221, and Joe Blagg had a 201. Lamm picked up the 3-7-10, while Raymond Berlin and Dorothy Hesler converted the 5-10, and Margo Johnson knocked out the 3-6-7-10

The Friday Nite Mixed League in Covington, Ind. is telling us that Dewaine Bowling had a 200, 71 pins over. Benji Brink, 219, 72 over. Chad Edmiston had a 224, 85 over, and a 556 series. Gary Edmiston rolled 68 pins over average for a 188. Linda Cates knocked out the 5-7 and Rose Schaeffhold picked up the 5-8-10.

Some of you know that we have a Senior Tournament scheduled for April 6-7 here in Danville. However that might be delayed until the end of the month. We will let you know as soon as we have the exact dates.

Thanks again to the folks who report the scores. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Until next week, let’s have fun and knock ‘em down.

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