The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

October 12, 2012

Joining forces helps students


DANVILLE — The primary function of today’s schools — despite misplaced emphasis on standardized test scores — should be to prepare students for the world of work that arrives after they graduate.

Schools at all levels face difficulty in keeping pace with today’s rapidly changing — and expensive — technology that plays such a vital role in the marketplace. Even the most simple jobs require a strong knowledge of how technology works.

Danville High students will benefit from the recent addition of almost $40,000 in technology added to their science classrooms.

Known as the Einstein Project, it combined the efforts of the school district, the Danville Public School Foundation, Iroquois Federal Foundation, David and Sandi Wood, the Sargeant-Wood Co., Anita Martin of the University of Illinois EnList Project and donors to the public school foundation.

The addition of the equipment is about more than just seeing new gear appearing in the classroom.

It’s about training students to be able to use and understand varied types of equipment they might encounter in the workplace.

Combining the contributions from several sources allows the school district to make significant additions to its teaching tools while keeping its costs lower than they otherwise might be.

The real winners are the students, who can see how these machines and other pieces of equipment work, and then be able to apply those lessons in the real world.

The success of the Einstein Project hopefully plants a seed for more combined efforts to come.

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