DANVILLE – A city 2017-2018 budget recap by Mayor Scott Eisenhauer Tuesday night showed several revenue sources under projections and increased expenditures in several city divisions accounting for about a $1 million difference from budget estimates.

Eisenhauer told the Danville City Council Tuesday night due to online shopping and the state assessing a 2 percent administrative fee in collecting sales tax revenue to redistribute to the city, the city is down around $574,000 in city sales tax and about $178,000 in state sales tax revenue for the fiscal year that ended April 30. Other state revenues saw increases and decreases.

Several city divisions also saw revenues that were below projections including for environmental code enforcement. Revenues were down from $35,000 to $24,000.

Eisenhauer said there have been delays in getting tickets issued through the court proceedings. No tickets also were filed for about half the year after a compliance officer left. He said the city is trying to streamline the process now through the legal department.

Police revenues are down, including about $108,000 in ordinance violations, $138,000 due to the lack of school resource officers, $122,629 in towing of vehicles, $65,000 in the Public Safety Building rebate not being that fiscal year and $38,000 in housing authority reimbursement also due to a lack of police officers.

Eisenhauer said of the towing of vehicles, people are leaving cars in the impound lot and after 30 days are trying to then buy them back.

Urban Services’ revenues also were down about $110,000 from what had been budgeted.

There were "no large construction projects in the last year,” Eisenhauer said, about permit, contractor registration, plan review and other fees being down. The city also only has a part-time plumbing and mechanical inspector, he added.

Expenses added included about $497,400 in retro pay for the three-year contract and two retiree buyouts with the fire division, $323,300 in additional firefighter overtime than budgeted, $115,600 for police overtime, $27,000 for aging fleet and major repairs, $35,800 related to the finance budget director, $20,600 in additional animal control costs, $11,400 in parks overtime for winter weather, $36,300 for the sales tax incentive for Slumberland and $70,200 for renting equipment and contractual services and $28,000 in additional overtime for winter weather in the streets division.

It was "a tough year," but “there is light at the end of the tunnel,” Eisenhauer said, adding that there’s no multi-year retro pay on any contracts, the collective bargaining agreement with firefighters should result in savings in overtime and significant budget reductions are being reflected for the current fiscal year budget.

Eisenhauer and Comptroller Shelley Scott also talked to aldermen about issues the city has had since the new payroll software was installed. They said no money was missing, but they had to solve problems of how money was to be recognized in certain funds in the system.

In other business, the council approved a redevelopment agreement for the northwest corner of Fairchild and Vermilion streets and approved allowing two alcoholic beverages to be carried by an individual at a time downtown during events.