Good Sunday morning, everyone! Since March is National Nutrition Month, I thought I would throw a letter quiz at you and see how smart you are. Good nutrition is so vital to our health and well being and I want all of you to live well.

So let’s see how you do.

1.) Which of these foods is actually a fruit in plant biology?

a. Onion

b. Pepper

c. Mushroom

d. All of the Above

2.) What vitamin gives carrots and sweet potatoes their orange color?

a. Vitamin A

b. Vitamin D

c. Folate

d. Vitamin O

3.) Should you wash or rinse raw meat or poultry before you cook it?

a. Yes

b. No

4.) Foods in the Protein Foods Group provide protein, but which of these foods from that group is also a source of calcium?

a. Peas

b. Ham

c. Chicken

d. Sardines

Here are the answers provided by the USDA, found at

Answer 1.) b. Pepper, in plant biology, a fruit contains the seeds of a plant. Though it is botanically a fruit, a pepper counts toward the Vegetable Group because we eat peppers in a similar way to vegetables (on sandwiches, in soups and in salads). Likewise, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and pumpkins all contain the seeds of the plant and are therefore botanically fruits.

Answer 2.) a. Vitamin A, Beta-Carotene, a form of vitamin A, gives these foods their orange color, and is also good for eye health, the immune system and reproduction.

Answer 3.) b. No, do not wash or rinse raw meat or poultry before you cook it. Washing can cause bacteria found on the surface of meat or poultry to be spread to ready-to-eat foods, kitchen utensils, and counter surfaces. This s called cross-contamination. Cooking to the right temperature kills the bacteria.

Answer 4.) d. Sardines, eating canned fish with the bones, like sardines, salmon or anchovies, provides you with calcium. Because the bones are soft, they are edible.

I hope you learned something new or I refreshed your mind of what you already knew. Have a great week.

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