Genealogical/historical societies have been publishing quarterly magazines, called quarterlies, with valuable genealogical data for their members, and others. Unfortunately unless one is a member of the publishing society, or lives in the area being documented, the relevant material goes unnoticed.

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Tularemia was recently confirmed in a dead, wild rabbit that was found in Urbana. A second case was confirmed in a cat in Champaign. Pet owners and non-pet owners alike should be aware of this disease given its ability to infect both humans and pets.

When you are 7 years old and you have a grandfather who is an innovator, something wonderful sometimes happens. Jean Lenover was that 7-year-old in 1937 and Samuel Lenover was her grandfather. He performed a bit of magic by converting the 2-ton truck he used to haul livestock in into a “trav…

At a college reunion a few months ago, a former classmate asked me what I had been doing. His eyes widened as he quite frankly said to me, “I know how old you are! Seriously, what have you been doing?”

Newspapers can be an important source of data for genealogists. Finding such information had always been a challenge, until a unique project was created to access such material. Chronicling America is a joint project of the Library of Congress (LOC) and the National Endowment for the Humanit…

WILLIAMSPORT, Ind. — When Burt Etchison was 12, his father would tell him stories about his days in the Navy during World War II.

Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter recently reported on Familypedia as “the Biggest Genealogy Site You Probably Never Heard of” at This website has 242,770 online articles about deceased individuals plus 366,615 genealogy-related pages. “It is a place whe…

HOOPESTON — The Save The Lorraine Theatre Foundation branch out this year to include stage plays in addition to its live entertainment programs.

The note was tucked in an Illinois map Farm Bureau furnished in the 1930s. On it, Ross noted an "O" marked a spot he visited for one day and "X" marked a location where a longer stay had taken place.

The most recent issue of Irish Lives Remembered, (Issue 40, Spring 2018), Ireland’s free genealogy magazine, is now available to read/download at

Many genealogists were inconvenienced when RootsWeb ceased operations last year following the crash of’s system and many of its RootsWeb pages were lost. For example, the homepage of the Illiana Genealogical & Historical Society, at, cannot…

The crew holding down the bench in front of Trimble’s store in Oakwood gave the camera a serious look as their picture was snapped. The picture, taken by Roy E. Green, had the name of the store on it but was undated. The little store sold a variety of products and might be titled a convenien…

Hiking the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail is an experience like no other … the pine-covered mountains of Georgia, the sunny balds of Virginia, the lonesome lakes of Vermont and finally, in Maine, the pink granite boulders of Mount Katahdin.

Ten years ago an organization, Unclaimed Persons, was established to reunite deceased individuals’ remains with their families. Genealogist Megan Smolenyak first began this project after a video with this name was aired on television. To read about this project and view the video visit http:…

Good Sunday morning, everyone! How well are you at thinking before you speak? Anger shows up every day in one way or another. We see it in the news, while we are driving, at sporting events and, unfortunately, in our homes.

When a writing teacher told Irene Petteice that she should write about what she knows, she turned to a topic she’s familiar with — the supernatural.

Happy (belated) Independence Day and also Happy (belated) Freedom Day (June 19), best known as Juneteenth. Whether you’re celebrating 242 years of freedom from colonial rule or 153 years of freedom from slavery — or both — you are blessed to be free.

The Indiana Historical Society (IHS) has scheduled additional Family History programs to be held at the Indiana History Center, 450 West Ohio St., Indianapolis, IN.

Good Sunday morning, everyone! To me this has been an unusually hot summer. The high temperatures came early, and we missed out on spring, too. So due to the high heat lately, I would like to take a moment to give some tips and information.

Westville native Jim Courter hopes readers will find entertainment, as well as a serious look at crime, in his first book, “Rhymes with Fool.”

The wild strawberries still thrive in Vermilion County, just as they did when Walter B. Tillotson picked them a 159 years ago. Walter noted in his diary his friends encouraged him to “gear up the Team and take them Straw Berrying” on a Sunday in June of 1859.

Although genealogical research has been a popular hobby for many years, there probably will always be new researchers who could use some how-to advice. FamilySearch has a most helpful article, “Begin Your Genealogy Quest,” at, which might also be useful to more e…

Good Sunday morning, everyone! Wednesday we will celebrate another Fourth of July. The one song that stands out during this celebration is, of course, "The Star Spangled Banner" written by Francis Scott Key. I hope this column helps you understand the song a little better.

The most recent issue of the Illiana Genealogical & Historical Society’s (IGHS) quarterly publication, the Illiana Genealogist (Vol. 54, No. 2, Summer 2018), has been mailed to society members and is available for viewing and/or purchase at the IGHS Library, 215 W. North Street, Danville…

Every five years, since 1988, the Potawatomi Trail of Death Association commemorates the 1838 forced march from Indiana to Kansas. The caravan passes through 26 counties in Indiana, Illinois — including Vermilion — Missouri and Kansas, covering 660 miles.

Are there hidden dangers lurking in your garden? Depending on what plants and shrubs you are cultivating, the answer is possibly yes. Both dogs and cats are known to nibble on plants now and then. Most of the time they are just curious about the plant or perhaps like the taste or feel of the…

Good Sunday morning, everyone, and Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers! I am glad there are days each year to celebrate fathers as well as mothers. Life gets busy and we often don’t take the time to tell our moms and dads how much they mean to us so let’s take advantage of the opportunity today.

There is still time to nominate a special genealogist (or group) for an award to be given by the Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS) at its Fall Conference Oct. 26-27 in Springfield. The awards to be given are: Community Service Award, Special Recognition Award, Youth Award, Distingui…

Good Sunday morning, everyone! I keep checking, almost nightly, to see if it isn’t really a full moon — but it hasn’t been. With the calls and walk-in visits I have been getting here at the United Way office I would have thought otherwise.

The Wabash River was just a hop and a jump across the River Road from Henry Rhode’s boyhood home. Like the fictional Tom Sawyer and the Mississippi, he spent a lot of his youth on the Wabash.

The adoption law signed by the Indiana Gov. Mike Pence in March 2016 takes effect July 1, 2018, giving all Indiana adoptees access to their original birth certificates and adoption records. Such information has been sealed since 1941. An article and video pertaining to this momentous decisio…

You have a problem. I have a problem. Many, and possibly all Americans, have a big problem. Our problem is that we have should for brains.

Good Sunday morning, everyone! Today is National Cancer Survivors Day and so we celebrate those who have fought a hard battle and won. You have inspired us and shown us all that there is in fact life after a cancer diagnosis.

During World War II the U.S. planes that dropped bombs on enemy targets in Europe were B-17s, the four-engine, heavy bombers called the Flying Fortresses. Between 1935 and 1945 12,732 of these planes were built. However, over one third of them were lost — including the plane named Susan Ruth…

Good Sunday morning, everyone! May is Mental Health month. You know that illness that no one wants to talk about. It’s right up there with politics or your age. Around the dinner table or at work or social gathers there are just some things you don’t discuss … right?

A recent Page One headline read: "Group proposes city government change." Suddenly, I was a young reporter again, covering Urbana City Hall for The Daily Illini, Newport (Ky.) City Hall for The Cincinnati Enquirer and Danville City Hall for the Commercial-News.

Genealogists use a variety of forms to keep track of information gathered and to record important material. Family Tree Magazine has posted some of these “genealogy essentials,” labeling them “must-have cheat sheets for every family historian” at

Walk into any pet store and the sheer number of pet food options is overwhelming. Add in all the additional varieties on the grocery store shelf, recipes for home-cooked or raw diets and those foods available through online pet supply warehouses, and the options are virtually limitless.

FamilySearch, the world’s largest free collection of genealogical records, has surpassed 2 billion images of genealogical records with millions more being added weekly from countries around the world.

It was quite a trip for Thaddeus Arlington Hedges, riding horseback from his family’s Vermilion County farm to the village of Homer in the 1860s. Thad, as he was called, had come to the county from Kentucky in 1864 with his father and mother. His father, Peter, was wounded while serving in t…

Happy Sunday morning, everyone and Happy Mother’s Day, too! My mom has always been “Mom” to me. I don’t know that I have ever referred to her as “Mother.” I love my mom, she is just about the strongest most honest woman I have ever known.

CHAMPAIGN — Carle will host the 22nd annual Playing It Safe family-safety fair 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday at Leonhard Recreation Center, 2307 Sangamon.

Paula Henderson of Las Vegas, Nev., has a job that many food lovers would like to have — tweaking recipes in her home kitchen.