HOOPESTON — Charitable organizations now will need to be registered with the City of Hoopeston to solicit contributions under the new street corner solicitation ordinance passed at Tuesday's city council meeting.

After an extensive discussion, the ordinance passed 5 to 3 with Mayor Bill Crusinberry voting to give the majority. Alderpersons Chad Yaden, Lourdine Florek and Alex Houmes voted no.

"In other words," said Alderman Bill McElhaney, " you can't just say you are going to do this (event)." Adding, the city wants to know exactly when and where solicitation will take place by local organizations and approve it.

Ira Owen Kreager American Legion Post 384 was allowed to conduct Poppy Day this weekend since the request had been made two weeks ago. However, after this event, the Legion Auxiliary must follow the new ordinance. This event also was approved 5 to 3 with Crusinberry again voting for the majority rule. Yaden abstained. Florek and Houmes again voted no.

According to the Soliciting Charitable Contributions Ordinance, "charitable contributions where person(s) will stand on any city roadways must register with the City of Hoopeston at least 10 days prior to fundraising event. A representative(s) of the soliciting agency requesting permission ... must attend a City council meeting seeking approval and must request to be put on the agenda at City Hall no later than the Thursday prior to the City council meeting and before City Hall closing ..." The event must be approved by the council before the actual event can be finalized. Each event will require a new application.

The registration form must include name of organization, description of fundraiser, locations, dates, and times of the fundraiser, pay a non-refundable $30 administration fee at least two days prior to the event after approval, and have signage with the organization's name on it and purpose of solicitation. All persons must wear high visibility vests and cannot be under 16 years of age, especially on Illinois Routes 1 and 9.

Hours for street corner solicitation will be between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m and only at the intersections of North Market and East Main and North Market and East Penn Streets and Routes 1 and 9. No soliciting will be allowed on national holidays or Sundays.

The new ordinance is in compliance with the State statute 625 ILCS 5/11-1006, according to the ordinance. Copies of the ordinance and forms for registration can be obtained from City Hall.

In other business, council members approved unanimously the Motor Fuel Tax 2017 resolution. A little bookkeeping for IDOT, said Alderman Ryan Anderson, since the motor fuel tax was over by $1,386.46 in 2017. Also approved unanimously was the MFT Resolution for 2018 in the amount of $65,000 for the summer road projects.

Alderman Brandon Hamilton introduced the new part time police officer, Marvin Dobkins.

Houmes announced the McFerren Park swimming pool will be open Memorial day and the tennis court work will be done this month.

Crusinberry reminded people with golf carts and bicycles that they must also obey the traffic laws and rules of the road which means stopping at all stop signs the same as cars.

The question was raised at the last council meeting by Stan Steiner about Centennial Manor and other like facilities only paying one water bill with the new $9 fee instead of each renter paying the $9 fee for dispatch services. Florek commented she is looking into it so that each individual would also pay the fee.

Resident Don Jackson asked if the infrastructure fee and dispatch fees were permanent on the water bills. Crusinberry said it probably was due to the need for replacement of the aging infrastructure system, flooding on the north side project and paying back a 20-year loan for the water tower project.

"The cost of maintaining a city is not cheap," Crusinberry said. "We do the most we can with the money we have."

The next Hoopeston City Council meeting will begin at 7 p.m. June 5 in City Hall, 301 W. Main St.