The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 24, 2014

Ward 1 meeting, conference planned

Staff Report
The Commercial-News

---- — DANVILLE — Ward 1 Alderman Kevin Davis has planned a Ward 1 meeting and African-American Community Conference for next week.

The community ward meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30 at the Danville Public Library, 319 N. Vermilion St.

Davis said he looks forward to seeing residents at the meeting.

He appreciates having citizens actively involved with the enhancement and developmental growth of Ward 1 as well as the city of Danville.

Ward 1 Alderman Rickey Williams Jr. also plans to attend.

Citizen input is important, Davis said.

Davis said as a community leader, he would not be an effective leader if he did not address or bring to the forefront the issues or concerns of the community.

He says he’s learned that an alderman is not only an elected official that represents the populous, but he’s also a community leader.

“I find that there is a need to recognize the positive of a community as well as the negative,” he said in a press release.

This is why he’s planned an African-American Community Conference 2014, “Building the Bridge.”

The conference will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30 at the Danville Public Library.

The reason of this conference is to bring together scholars, students, activists, teachers, artists, social workers, community residents, pastors and others for a series of democratic conversations about the task of creating a more equitable city, he said through the press release.

The African-American community has experienced significant progression in the areas of economics, cultural influence and education, according to Davis.

However, there remains a real need for equality, justice, salvation and truth. Strategies, resources, and practical how-to sessions are the main focus of this conference.

Davis said he’s developing a vision and hopes the community will be empowered and impassioned to effectively communicate, heal, unite, evangelize, and mentor in our urban community.

Although the conference will focus on overcoming African-American conflicts, the forum is open to everyone.

“In building the bridge, I would like for all of us to come together and have a true understanding about the issues, concerns and needs of the community as a whole. Once again, I state, the aim is to unite the community by reflecting on the concerns of African-Americans.

“The conference’s main purpose is to present a forum of discussions on issues that affect the African-American culture,” he said.

“By incorporating various cultures into our city, celebrating diversity and working together, we can not only battle culture shock but build the bridge in our city that reflects the strength and goodwill of Danville. The city of Danville motto is “Danville at the Corner of Progress & History.”

“We have made some history and progress, but there is a need for change and innovation to continue to make history and progress. I am about change and innovation. I feel that Danville is where history and progress can be achieved,” Davis said.