The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 20, 2013

High school officials seek Wall nominations


HOOPESTON — Nominations are being sought for Danville High School alumni who have made their mark in their respective fields and are fine representatives of Danville.

Outstanding DHS alumni have been recognized since 1991 through annual inductions into the DHS Wall of Fame. Currently, 47 DHS alumni are honored on the Danville High School Wall of Fame.

Inductees include Congressional Medal of Honor, Academy Award, Emmy Award and Tony Award recipients as well as public servants, doctors, teachers, community activists and authors.

The purposes of the DHS Wall of Fame include:

“It’s a source of great pride for us,” Superintendent Mark Denman said of the Wall of Fame. “It’s an excellent way to honor individuals and their work, and they serve as significant role models for our students.”

DHS students see the Wall of Fame on a daily basis. Inductees’ framed biographies and photographs are hung outside Dick Van Dyke Auditorium in the school’s lobby. The wall also allows community members to become familiar with the alumni success stories when they visit the high school.

Any individual may nominate a candidate for the DHS Wall of Fame. Candidates preferably should be graduates of Danville High School or have attended DHS for at least one year.

Two years ago, the nominee requirements changed so a candidate could have attended DHS for a minimum of one year rather than two. That requirement changed because DHS used to be a three-year school from 1961 to 1980, with ninth grade being taught at the junior high schools during that time.

Another requirement as of two years ago is providing three references who can verify information about the nominee. The references must be provided for a candidate to be considered.

“Three references are needed to attest to their accomplishments,” Denman said. “The more detail they can provide, the better it will help the committee to decide.”

It also is expected that inductees have demonstrated achievement or service above and beyond the responsibilities of their normal employment.

“The candidates should have distinguished him or herself in their field or through their service to the community,” Denman said.

Candidates who no longer live in the local community must have distinguished themselves with excellence nationally, internationally or within a particular field or for their service to humanity.

Candidates who have remained in the area must have distinguished themselves with excellence locally or regionally within a particular field or with service to humanity, or have been actively involved in local community service. This category may include a nominee who achieved locally but later moved away.

An independent community committee will review the nominations and select the inductees for 2013.

The selection committee is comprised of representatives from the school district, Danville Public School Foundation, Vermilion County Museum and Danville Area Community College.

“The committee will go through the nominations and study them and do some research on them,” Denman said.

As many as 15 alums have been inducted to the Wall of Fame in one year, which was 1991. The next highest number of inductees was 10 in 2002.