The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

October 9, 2012

Veedersburg board approves fire training plan


VEEDERSBURG, Ind. — Town council members agreed Tuesday to allow the Tri County Fire District to install additional training equipment and a chain link fence behind the town hall and town fire station.

Bob Burgner, a Veedersburg firefighter, explained the new training box needs to be enclosed behind a fence. A manhole also will be installed within the fence so firefighters can practice rescues in confined spaces.

Burgner said the training boxes were provided by the state and are used strictly for training purposes. The interior of the box is set up like a maze to resemble cramped, entangling conditions such as those encountered in an attic in a house fire. Burgner added there are 13 departments in the Tri County Fire District and member departments can come to Veedersburg to use the training facilities as needed.

Council members approved the request in a 5-0 motion. Burgner added that beginning in November and running through March, a class will conducted at the fire station for new firefighters.

In other business, town council members:

Heard from street and water superintendent Paul Keeling that Caldwell Tank of Louisville, Kentucky, who is contracted with Veedersburg to perform water tower maintenance, has offered to fix the Christmas light tree on top of the town’s water tower. Caldwell Tank will get back with the town on an exact price to perform the fix.

Discussed the potentially serious problem of low water pressure on the north side of Veedersburg. Councilman Troy Finley explained the fire department did a practice burn of an old house on the north side of town and the fire hydrants up there just could not supply the needed water pressure to run the fire hoses.

Keeling explained the north end of town is fed from a 4- inch water line, but due to the elevation it loses pressure. Finley said additional tanker trucks had to be called in from Covington and Hillsboro to put out the practice fire.

Council members agreed something needs to be done to improve the water pressure on the north side. Ken Smith, town council president, added that “we really need to give that some thought when thinking about grant writing.”

Heard from Crystal Brewer with the Veedersburg Revitalization Association (VRA) that the VRA will be filing for a downtown building façade grant. The Veedersburg Redevelopment Commission will provide the $5,000 grant match so Veedersburg will have $10,000 to use on downtown facades if they are awarded the grant. The application process closes on October 15th and the VRA will know if they were awarded the grant sometime in November.

Heard from Smith that an engineer from Attica is willing to inspect the Hub Civic Center for the town. Since the Hub is not in the tax increment financing district, the redevelopment commission cannot pay for the inspection so the town will have to pay the bill.