The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 13, 2013

County gets OK to buy vehicles


DANVILLE — Officials have confirmed the county’s use of donated funds for the purchase of two vehicles in the animal control department.

The county board voted at its monthly meeting Tuesday to use funds previously donated to the county’s animal control for the purchase of two trucks totaling $44,000 for the department.

Prior to the vote, previous county board chairman Jim McMahon voiced concern that the funds were being used incorrectly and were, in fact, intended specifically for any possible creation of a city/county animal control department.

Officials at the Tuesday meeting could not speak as to whether the issue had been researched, but a letter issued Thursday by Assistant State’s Attorney Bill Donahue confirmed the county was in the right in approving the use of the donated funds.

Donahue, in a letter to Chairman Gary Weinard, indicated there was never any indication — verbally or in writing — between attorneys for both sides of a limitation on the funds, which came as a result of a trust.

Donahue also indicated such a city-county merger had not been discussed at the time the trust funds were received and any sort of action binding such funds to a merger project would have to be approved by the county board first.