The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

September 1, 2013

Genealogy cruise planned for 2014


Genealogy hosts, Gary and Diana Smith, along with Jane Sloan Broglin, CG, and Dick Eastman invite any genealogists to a week in the eastern Caribbean aboard the new Celebrity Silhouette. The cruise ship will leave Fort Lauderdale on Dec. 7, 2014, so there is plenty of time to plan (and save) for such a memorable trip and learning experience. The ports that will be visited include San Juan, Puerto Rico; Basseterre, St. Kitts; and St. Maarten.

Genealogy presentations will be made during the three days at sea and the ship will return to Fort Lauderdale on Dec. 14. As a special feature, participants may sign up for a one-on-one 20-minute session with one of the speakers.

For more information or to make reservations call Cruise Everything Today! at (800) 959-7447 or visit This website also provides a link to an interesting video.

Civil War photography

Members of The Civil War Trust have received the most recent issue of “Hallowed Ground” (Summer 2015) and learned of the use of photography during that war to “document and distribute a horrible vision of death and destruction.” It is not generally known that approximately 70 percent of all Civil War documentary photographs were shot as “stereoviews — the 19th century equivalent of 3-D.”

The website of the Civil War Trust provides a special presentation on this topic at and also offers a pair of free 3-D glasses to be used to view the 3-D photos on the trust’s website. (One free pair may be requested per person; a pack of 30 pairs can be purchased for $20 — appropriate for classroom use. A photography lesson plan also is available from this website.)

The purpose of The Civil War Trust is “the preservation of America’s significant Civil War battlefields by protecting the land and educating the public about the vital roles those battlefields played in directing the course of our nation’s history.” The trust has more than 55,000 members and has already saved more than 35,000 acres of important Civil War battlefields. At present, The Civil War Trust is trying to raise money to save land at Gettysburg, Pa. News of this preservation campaign can be read at (All persons who donate $35 or more will receive a free DVD of Gettysburg Animated Map.)

A basic membership costs $35. For more information write Civil War Trust, P.O. Box 17686, Baltimore, MD 21298 or visit

“Nearly 20 percent of America’s Civil War battlefields have already been destroyed — denied forever to future generations. Of those that remain, only 15 percent are protected as National parks. There is only one national organization working to save all these battlefields: The Civil War Trust.”

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