The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

August 19, 2013

Covington council approves purchase of police vehicle


COVINGTON, Ind. — City council members heard Monday from police chief Keddy Sowers that his department needs a new vehicle.

Sowers explained the police department has three vehicles, including a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria with 47,500 miles, a 2010 Ford Crown Victoria with 72,000 miles and a 2008 Ford Expedition with 62,000 miles. Sowers said the 2010 car needs new struts on the front end and would be the best option for a trade in since besides the needed work, it also has the most miles on it.

The 2010 car would get $5,500 as a trade and the Expedition would get $7,500 as a trade from Warrick Ford of Covington.

The new vehicle the department plans to purchase is a 2014 Ford Explorer. Mayor Brad Crain said that the Explorer is more versatile than a car and many municipal police departments use them. The new Explorer would cost $33,095, but after the city’s civil service discount and the trade in of the 2010 car, the final price is $23,456. The city will have to pay an additional $3,000 to $4,000 to properly equip the Explorer as a police vehicle.

Sowers said the department likes to have three vehicles so it always has a spare vehicle available. A new police car was budgeted into the current year’s budget. Councilman Max Keller made the motion for Sowers to purchase a new police vehicle and it was approved in a 5-0 motion.

In other business, city council members:

Heard from park superintendent Jeff Congleton that the park could use some new equipment, specifically a mower, for trail maintenance. Congleton said he has been using the park’s mowers to maintain Circle Trail and the trail edging is tough on the mowers. The mowers already have 2,000-plus hours of use on them and are used regularly in the park. Congleton said he just wanted to get the council thinking about purchasing something to help maintain the trail.

Heard from water superintendent Greg Myers that the pool has been closed for about a week ago and no water has leaked. Myers wanted to know whether the council wanted the pool to be drained like they normally have done in the past or if they wanted purchase a winter cover for it. Nobody had any idea had any idea on the price of a cover so the council decided it would be best to drain it as before.

Crain recommended having Pettit Pools of Crawfordsville, Ind., come and close the pool for the season and Myers could observe and learn how to close the pool.

Discussed painting the pool this year after it has been drained. Pool manager Kelli Pinkerton said that the pool’s management group is willing to paint the pool, but they would like to be paid something for doing it. Pinkerton explained that they volunteered to paint the black lines in the pool earlier in the spring and they did it in two days time, but it was a lot of work.

Crain asked Pinkerton to bring some labor cost estimates to the next regular city council meeting on Sept. 3. Crain also recommended that Pinkerton order the pool paint so that they have it ready.

Learned from Pinkerton the pool had a good year despite opening five days late and being closed for 12 days due to weather. The night swims with a movie were very successful; Pinkerton said they had more than 200 people at the first movie night.

Decided to let the city’s office employees decide on a city website. Clerk/Treasurer Debby Gurley said that the biggest request from customers is to pay city bills online. Gurley said that website would be primarily used to post public notices and offer a place for city customers to pay bill utility bills online. Gurley said that they have narrowed down the website designer to Beamsco of Danville and Rahmtech of Veedersburg. Beamsco has a start up cost of $1,035 and a $240 annual maintenance fee. Rahmtech has a start up cost of $1,040 and a $410 annual maintenance fee.