The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 7, 2013

District 118 board to consider cuts


DANVILLE — Danville District 118 school board members Wednesday will consider a reduction in force (RIF) connected to the elimination of the district’s commissary department at East Park Elementary School.

Last month, the school board approved a list of cuts and other recommendations that would save the district $3 million in the next fiscal year.

The list included the elimination of 24 positions through attrition, retirements and RIFs. The total savings from eliminating the 24 positions is $2.12 million, which is higher than it normally would be for 24 employees because of the large number of retirees that are leaving the district at the end of the school year.

Among the other cost savings recommendations, which totaled $956,310, were eliminating the commissary department at East Park Elementary School that would impact the four staff members who make bulk food items, such as cookies and spaghetti sauce, for the whole district.

Those food items would be made by each individual school for a cost savings of $56,310.

Superintendent Mark Denman said “because the four employees in the commissary department are senior employees, they will be bumping newer employees.”

Denman said the bumping in seniority will mean that three newer food service employees will have their hours reduced next school year.

“The three employees will have less hours, but they are not losing their positions,” he said.

Also on Wednesday, school board members will:

--Consider approving the appointment for ACE house assistant principal at Danville High School to replace Phil Cox who will become DHS principal next school year after Principal Mark Neil retires.

--Hear which District 118 employees will receive the Vermilion County Golden Ruler Award on April 23. They are: Ellen Baker, learning resource clerk at North Ridge Middle School; Sarah Bogen, data instructional facilitator at Garfield Elementary School; Linda Culotti, prekindergarten coordinator at East Park Elementary School; Ron Henton, director of buildings and grounds; Robin Johnson, food service worker at Liberty Elementary School; Martha Juarez, teaching assistant and family liaison at the Jackson Building; Jean Lichtenberger, secretary at Kenneth D. Bailey Academy; Linda Parson, teaching assistant in special education at DHS; Meghan Siwecki, language arts/science teacher at South View Middle School; and Kelly Truex, data instructional facilitator at Southwest Elementary School.

--Hear an update on the standards-based report cards for kindergarten through second grade students.

“After using it for a full year, the teachers have recommended a few minor changes,” Denman said.

The changes include separating addition and subtraction into two standards on all three report cards for kindergarten through second grade, and adding “writing numerals 0-20” to the kindergarten report card.

--Review the first reading of a district policy revision dealing with administering medicines to students.

--Hear a presentation on Meade Park Elementary School’s restructuring plan.

Denman said Meade Park’s staff has been working diligently on the restructuring plan this school year. The plan sets forth goals to help the school meet No Child Left Behind objectives.

The proposed plan includes making changes to instructional delivery, providing additional staff support and professional development, creating a data resource room, and shifting methodology from teaching to student learning.

--Consider renewing the district’s membership in the Illinois Elementary School Association and the Illinois High School Association.

Coming up

District 118 school board members will meet at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Jackson Building, 516 N. Jackson St.