The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

July 28, 2013

Beauty takes root

Businesses, homes brighten city with flowers


DANVILLE — Shane and Patti Myers were delighted to receive the top Make It Bloom award in the Business is Blooming category this year.

They are owners of Myers Flooring Center at 802 N. Vermilion St., which opened in November 2011. The business took off right away and hasn’t slowed down since, Shane said.

The couple believes it’s important to make their storefront attractive for passers-by on Vermilion Street, and for the past three years Shane’s mother, Diana Myers, has taken on the landscaping project. In fact, she already had the store front flower garden planned out back in the wintertime.

Mounds of pink petunias and plate-size yellow hibiscus make this business front a real showplace. The petunias carry through to the window boxes on the store front, and there are even more petunias planted under the large Myers Flooring billboard.

Diana comes by the store to water her flowers every day when it doesn’t rain. “People are always stopping by and commenting on how nice the flowers look,” she said. “I’m happy to see that so many Danville businesses have really gone all out this year with their plantings.”

Last year, Diana’s colorful display of blooming flowers at Myers Flooring won second place in the Make It Bloom Business is Blooming category. In past years, Diana also received various Make It Bloom awards for her own home garden on Dawn Street.

Here is a list of winners:

Business is Blooming

Grand Prize: Myers Flooring Center, 802 N. Vermilion St.

First prize: Presence United Samaritans Medical Center, 812 N. Logan Ave.

Second prize: Danville Public Library, 319 N. Vermilion St.

Third prize: Colonial Manor, 620 Warrington Ave.

Honorable mention: Temple Plaza, City of Danville

Continuing Excellence:

Vermilion County Title, 122 N. Vermilion St.

First Baptist Church, 1200 N. Vermilion

City of Danville floral pots, 100 and 200 blocks of Hazel and Vermilion streets

City of Danville Blue Star and Liberty Memorial triangles

Danville Gardens, 1307 Cleary

Sunset Cemetery, 3940 N. Vermilion St.

Enhancement to the community:

Lincoln Park entrances

City of Danville, East English and Park Avenue

First Savings Bank, 6 W. Williams St.

CRIS, 309 Franklin;

610 Tap, 610 N. Vermilion St.

Sign Posts Forest, Vermilion and Harrison streets

I Did It My Way:

Grand prize winner: Sandra Hess, 2402 N. Vermilion St.

-- Region 1

First place: 102 Thornhill

Second place: 3635 Bayview

Third place: 1518 Franklin

Honorable mention: 3623 Tuttle

-- Region 2

First place: 400 Dawn

Second place: 404 Dawn

Third place: 1108 Holiday Drive

Honorable mention: 2315 N. Vermilion St.

-- Region 3

First place: 814 Walnut and South Lot

Second place: 602 Warrington

Third place: 1221 North Gilbert

Honorable mention: 41 Maywood

-- Region 4

First place: 16 Crawford

Second place: 3208 Hilltop

Third place: 1001 James Place

Honorable mention: 202 S. Virginia

Blocks of Blooms

-- Region 1

3200, 3202, 3207 and 3208 Sheral Court. Also, 1310, 1311, 1313 and 1314 Fairway Dr.

-- Region 2

502, 504, 506, 508 and 510 E. Winter Ave. Also, 201, 202 and 203 Cedar Ave.

-- Region 4

912, 1001, and 1002 Summit. Also, 1001, 1003, 1006, 1007 and 1010 James Place.

Danville Garden Club

Grand prize: Nancy Urban, 22 Dixie Acres Rd.

First prize: Jeanne Burke, 3100 Golf Circle.

Second prize: Marilyn Myers, 3305 Park Haven Blvd.

Third prize: Christy Hillery, 214 Oak Hill Dr.

Honorable mention: Charlotte Luebbers, 300 Fletcher Hills

Chairman’s awards:

Sharon Glossinger, 2567 Rue Bienville

Ellen Walker, 42 Thornhill

Rosemary Stitt, 4016 Bristol Dr.

Notable late entry: Marge Prideaux, 31 Lake Shore Drive

Continuing excellence:

Nancy Purviane, 206 E. Conron Ave.

Cathy Bott, 20 Maywood

Norma Gross, 322 Newell Ave.

Joyce Melton, 1103 Sherman

Fontella Krout, 24 Vance Lane

Lisa Campbell, 1307 Cleary.

Chairman’s awards

4122 Edgewater

120 Thornhill

418 Bayside Dr.

25 Sheral Dr.

1636 Robinson

505 Wilkins

2404 N. Jackson

504 E. Winter

506 E. Winter

209 E. Raymond

1705 Westview

919 Knollcrest

614 N. Beard

1002 Summit

109 Pine

701 N. Griffin

1014 Cleveland

423 E. South St.

425 E. South St.

213 E. 11th St.