The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 16, 2013

Going Online

Students create web pages


DANVILLE — Forget traditional resumes printed in black ink on white paper. On Friday, Danville High School students in four of Jana Drennan’s Digifolio classes showcased the latest in personal portfolios.

These were no ordinary resumes. They were colorful, animated and on the Web.

Drennan said about 100 of her students ranging from sophomores to seniors in four class periods worked on their personal e-portfolios using Adobe Dreamweaver.

“They’ve been working on them since the beginning of the semester, so for about eight weeks,” she said.

“We invited their parents to see what their kids have done,” she added.

The students used Adobe Dreamweaver to create their e-portfolios, but Drennan said her students “also are proficient in Photoshop.”

“That’s why their pages are so dynamic,” she said.

Besides their resume, the students’ e-portfolio also included a goals page; a learning outcomes page that highlights the students’ professionalism, written and oral communication and critical thinking skills; a letters of recommendation page; and a discretionary page that features the students’ outside and volunteer activities.

“Hopefully, they can be tweaked and used down the line when they apply for a job,” Drennan said of the e-portfolios.

Samantha Orr, a DHS senior, said her personal statement page explains “who I am, what I’ve done in high school and what I plan to do.”

Orr already knows she is going to attend Eastern Illinois University in the fall and major in pre-med and elementary education.

“I want to be a pediatrician,” she said.

Orr said she spent time working to perfect her e-portfolio that she plans to continue using for some time to come.

“Each page took two or three days and there were eight pages all together,” she said. “Over the years, I’ll be able to go back and edit it.”

Sophomore Mikaela Huff’s e-portfolio included a Photoshop collage of her interests and her outside activities page showed various photos of her riding her horse, Comet.

“At first I didn’t understand how to do it, but then it just clicked,” she said.

With a couple more years to go before she graduates, Huff has plenty of time to update her e-portfolio. For now, though, her goals are to major in nursing at Eastern Illinois University or Illinois State University or join the Army National Guard and become a military flight medic.

Drennan said her students next will learn how to use Adobe Flash so they will be able to animate graphics and their final project of the semester will be using video.