The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

July 10, 2013

Veedersburg residents voice complaints against noise from Masterguard factory


VEEDERSBURG, Ind. — Town residents Rhonda Kelly and Tina Clawson told council members Tuesday they can hear trucks and machinery at Masterguard all hours of the day and night from their homes on Sugar Street.

The loud noise in turn causes vibration in their homes. Clawson added she even has flecks of chrome paint on her house’s siding from the factory. Kelly said the residents of Sugar Street would like Masterguard to install a sound barrier fence, which would eliminate the problems.

Marshal Ed Wurtsbaugh, who also lives on Sugar Street, agreed with Kelly and Clawson about the noise.

Councilman Tim Shumaker promised a town council member and Wurtsbaugh would meet with the Masterguard plant manager to discuss the issue.

In other business, town council members:

Heard from Danny Rudd with NewWave Communications that its upgrade in Veedersburg will begin soon. Rudd said NewWave’s new channel line-up will be available to Veedersburg customers on July 23. NewWave technicians will be on site to help customers change over their equipment if needed.

Rudd added customers with newer digital televisions might not even need the new digital receiver boxes. The upgrade will bring many new channels and HD channels to the Veedersburg line-up. In August, NewWave will be working to bring telephone and Internet services to Veedersburg.

Heard a request from Kelly and Clawson for a stop sign or new speed limit sign on Sugar Street. Clawson said she is worried for her grandchildren’s safety because cars speed on the street. Wurtsbaugh recommended lowering the speed limit on Sugar Street to 20 mph. Council members approved a motion to lower the speed limit to 20 mph.

Received blueprints from fire chief Terry Shields for new sidewalks and driveway around the municipal building and fire station. HWC Engineering of Indianapolis created the blueprints for the project at the town’s request. Shields said he would get the blueprints to three contractors interested in the project.

Town council members will meet at 6 p.m. EDT July 23.