The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

July 10, 2013

Longtime Danville restaurant closes


DANVILLE — A year after operating without a liquor license and a few months after filing for bankruptcy, O’Leary’s restaurant has closed.

The Vermilion County Health Department conducted a site visit at the restaurant on Tuesday and confirmed that the business is closed.

No one answers the telephone at the restaurant and there is a closed sign on the restaurant’s front door at 3540 N. Vermilion St. Owner Tim Farrell couldn’t be reached for comment.

Mayor Scott Eisenhauer said since the restaurant doesn’t have a liquor license, no notice is required to the city of the restaurant closing. City officials had not heard anything official.

The restaurant didn’t renew its liquor license last summer.

In a Commercial-News article from July 2012, an official with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission said, “There was a tax hold on their license.” This meant O’Leary’s had an issue with the Illinois Department of Revenue.

The restaurant’s state liquor license could not be renewed until that issue was resolved.

O’Leary’s also hasn’t worked with CRIS Healthy-Aging Center since the first of the year, estimated CRIS CEO Amy Marchant. She said the decision to end the contract was mutual.

According to Sue Hofer with the Illinois Department of Revenue, the liquor license for O’Leary’s expired May 31, 2012, and was not renewed. She confirmed there was a hold on the license due to the business being behind in paying sales tax.

Farrell’s business, TimFar Enterprises, filed for bankruptcy in April, Hofer said.

She added that in October 2012, the Department of Revenue revoked the business’ retail certificate for overdue or late payment on sales tax.

The retail certificate is for any business operating in Illinois that collects sales tax on real purchases. The certificate confirms the business will collect the sales tax and forward the tax revenue to the state, Hofer said.

Prior to the bankruptcy filing, the Department of Revenue filed two liens against the property in Vermilion County. One lien was for $34,947 and the other was for $17,424 for unpaid sales tax, Hofer said. She said they become secured loans.

O’Leary’s was located on Gilbert Street prior to relocating to North Vermilion Street.

The locally-owned restaurant was established in 1980. It was known for its beer cheese soup, among other items.