The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 28, 2013

Council to swear in new clerk


DANVILLE — Aldermen won’t make a final decision next week on an insurance broker for the city.

City council members had been expected to consider authorizing a one-year agreement with Wells Fargo to act as the city’s broker for health, life, dental and vision insurance plans.

At the city council’s Public Services Committee meeting earlier this week, Ward 6 Alderman Steve Nichols said he wanted to ensure enough time for discussion on the issue.

Ward 3 Alderwoman April Gilbert also asked how soon action on the broker was needed. City Comptroller Gayle Lewis said in July would be beneficial to city officials.

Benefits of Wells Fargo include online enrollment, technological programs and more resources, according to city officials.

Under the one-year agreement, the city would pay Wells Fargo 1 percent of the city’s health insurance premium. The amount will not exceed $25,000.

The city, however, might pay additional fees for client-specific online enrollment and possible purchase of the Advanced Healthcare Reform Tool offered by Wells Fargo to assist with client compliance.

Aldermen previously heard from five brokers that presented information. They were Jim Crose with Crose Insurance, with whom the city now works with for health and dental insurance; Lisa Keating with Wells Fargo, with whom the city now works with for vision and life insurance; Old National Insurance; Larry Owen and Debbie Roberts with Owen Financial Services; and Perry Jaynes with Perry Jaynes Insurance.

City officials have said a broker is needed to help with the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act because it will have an impact on the provision of and monitoring of the health insurance provided to city employees and retirees.

The city has six unions, part-time and auxiliary laborers hired for different departments during various times of the year and is mandated to provide health insurance for retirees.

The city could face penalties if it’s found to be non-compliant with the act.

The city council on Tuesday will appoint and swear in new city clerk Lisa Monson and appoint Monson as the city’s Freedom of Information Act officer.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, council members will consider appointing Amy Marchant to the Fire and Police Board of Commissioners and retired city clerk Janet Myers to the Police Pension Board.

Also Tuesday, council members will consider repealing a resolution concerning appropriating motor fuel tax funds for the 2012 overlay program.

When the bid was awarded, the city’s gas tax and capital improvement fund were actually used for the program funding.

Aldermen also will consider repealing an ordinance relating to the acquisition of property at 3591 N. Vermilion St. where Danville Bell Credit Union is constructing its new building.

The property was never donated to the city.

In addition, the council will consider approving the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) for program year 2012.

The annual report is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to show how the city spent its CDBG funds. Funding is used for rehabilitating houses, handicapped accessibility projects, etc.