The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 14, 2013

DMT looks into fare boxes


DANVILLE — Increased technology could soon be coming to city buses in the form of new fare boxes.

Danville Mass Transit Director John Metzinger told aldermen this week that bids will be opened on March 22 for new fare box technology. He could bring a proposal for aldermen to approve next month.

The fare boxes now in use on the buses are from the 1980s. They are no longer supported by the manufacturer, Metzinger said.

The data reporting system is an old MS-DOS system with possibly the only remaining form-fed dot matrix printer in the Midwest, according to Metzinger.

“We have a great need to replace our technology,” Metzinger said.

DMT has federal grant money to replace the fare boxes. Metzinger said the money is there waiting to be spent.

Positive benefits for riders with the new fare boxes:

Riders also would just have to tap the card on the fare box instead of swiping it, Metzinger said.

Metzinger reported to the city council’s Public Works Committee this week that revenue is down 4 percent for the year, but remains on track to exceed budget.

February revenue was up 11 percent from last year at $39,324.

Ward 5 Alderman Mike Puhr said his children don’t carry cash. They’ve also used one-day city passes for public transportation elsewhere.