The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

April 1, 2013

Covington council hears reason for water complaints


COVINGTON, Ind. — City council members heard Monday the recent brown water comes from old water lines and manganese, according to from street superintendent Rick Smith.

Smith said the city has been receiving a lot of complaints about brown water.

“There is not a lot we can do about it, short of replacing all the water lines in town, which would be very expensive and would cause a significant rate hike on the city’s water customers’ bills,” said Mayor Brad Crain.

Smith said that manganese, a brownish colored mineral, is in the city’s water. The city is using potassium permanganate, a manganese compound, to purify the drinking water of iron, manganese and sulfur smell.

In other business, town council members:

Received a resignation letter from Jeannie Hines as the city’s meter reader. Hines will start a new job in June, but said she would be able to train a new meter reader during the next two months. Councilmen Max Keller and Mark Switzer both agreed someone should be hired as least for a probationary period so Hines could train him or her properly.

Switzer added this would also give the council an opportunity to look at the position more closely to determine if the city has to offer benefits to the position.

Councilman Max Keller made the motion to hire Robin Hines on a 90-day trial basis as the new meter reader per Jeanie Hines’s recommendation since she has helped her out in the past. Council members approved the recommendation.

Learned from Smith that on April 10, fire hydrants will be flushed. Smith said he hopes the city will be able to flush hydrants at least three times this year; last year they were flushed twice.

Heard from Brad Crain that the city’s clean up dates are on July 13 for residents from Seventh Street and west and on July 20 for residents from Seventh Street and east. Items that will not be picked up include paint, torn down buildings, roofing materials, tires, appliances with compressors and electronics. Crain asked nothing is put out for pick up until the Monday before the clean up date.

Heard from fire chief Joe Whitaker that by June 1, the Covington fire department should have four new fire fighters finished with training and ready for active duty. The new fire fighters include Jason Brothers, Mark Dice, Alden Hohenstein, and Phillip Lathrop.