The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 21, 2012

Oh, So Thankful

Readers share their stories


DANVILLE — We asked our readers to share the things for which they are thankful this Thanksgiving. Here are their submissions:

Family traditions

I’m 69 years old and as long as I can remember, I’ve eaten Thanksgiving dinner with my mom’s siblings. My grandparents are now gone, but my mom and the siblings she has left continue the tradition.

I’m concerned that once the older generation is gone, this tradition of 60-plus years will end. I’m so thankful I’ve had all the Thanksgivings I’ve had with this awesome family.

Judy Mattis


Family and freedom

I’m thankful for my parents, in-laws, three sons, husband, sisters, all of my extended family and, most of all, my America freedoms. I’m thankful for each and every man and woman who sacrifice their time to defend this country.

I’m thankful for soldiers like Lance Cpl. Joshua Witsman. May he rest in peace.

Becky Claypool

Covington, Ind.

Change of plans

We are thankful our son, PFC Ryan Todd’s deployment was canceled two weeks before he was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan. He is safe on U.S. soil and able to continue his education at Indiana State University and for that, we are truly thankful!

Jennifer Todd

Robert Todd

Orting, Wash.

Wonderful kids

I am thankful for God blessing me with two wonderful children. For giving me patience, love, faith and trust. I am thankful for JEC (Chewy), who is a special person to me with a great sense of humor and always makes me smile and laugh.

Just being you, JEC … priceless.

Barbara Pedrazoli

Jacksonville, Fla.

Art makes happy

I have so much

To be thankful for,

I have everything I need

I do not need more.

I have wonderful friends

And family, as well,

Several beautiful grandchildren

With stories to tell!

I help with causes

And community things,

I am so thankful

For the joy that it brings.

My art makes me happy,

And I’m still able to sing.

So, to make a long story short,

I’m thankful for everything!

Kolleen Asaad


Helping clients

I’m very thankful for my job in social services. It is often a thankless and difficult portion but I’m lucky enough to be able to provide a great holiday this year for my clients. They teach me far more than I teach them anyhow.

Cortney Auter


Home for holiday

I am very thankful for a loving and supporting family and friends.

I also am thankful that my little brother Cole Comrie can be home for the holidays this year. He will graduate Marine Basic Training the day before Thanksgiving.

Love to all of my family and friends!

Casey Comrie


Good for others

I am most thankful for family, friends and good health, for the opportunity to grow intellectually and to do good for others.

I’m also grateful to Barbara Young, the just-retired Vermilion County recorder, for her interest, perseverance and success in getting the veterans’ names added to the Courthouse Honor Roll.

Diana D. Schutz


A father’s love

I am thankful for having a long, reasonably healthy life. My father raised four of us kids, primarily alone, as my mother died at age 32. He worked hard, and we were “nearly always” clean, had plenty of food and went to school and church regularly. He would kneel at night and thank God for each of us by name. I will always be grateful.

Mary Griggs


Thanks to mom

I am thankful for my mom, who died at 87 this year. I am thankful I had my teacher, mentor and prayer warrior for 60 years. God was gracious in calling her home to be with dad before dementia could get a solid grip on her.

I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my wife, Amy, and our two teenagers for the sacrifices they made when mom’s health failed. We were able to share our home with her.

Thomas Sheppard

Cayuga, Ind.

Special children

First, I am thankful for having a relationship with God.

I am thankful for my son, Carlo, the brave one. And for the trip to Hawaii

I am thankful for my son, Anthony Alan, the poet, and for the trip to the spa.

I am thankful for Valerie, the beautiful, spirited warrior, who is an amazing mom.

I am thankful for Samantha, the scholar, for the beautiful dress.

Catherine Huerta


Family and church

I have been blessed with a wonderful, Christian family of four sisters and two brothers and a Mom and Dad who stayed married until death parted them in 1950.

I also have been blessed to attend the Indianola Community United Methodist Church where I have the best friends anyone could ask for. I want to thank God for all of my wonderful friends and to say thanks for a wonderful life.

Wilmetta Feezor