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June 28, 2013

Emergency traffic flow to change

Medians to improve crossing

For the Commercial-News

DANVILLE — Patients and visitors headed to the Emergency Department at Presence United Samaritans Medical Center will soon need to approach the entrance from the opposite direction.

Beginning July 8, all vehicles approaching the Emergency entrance on Logan Avenue will need to enter at the Medical Center’s Main Entrance south of the Emergency ramp and follow the signs to loop back to Emergency, according to a Presence press release. After dropping off passengers, vehicles will need to continue traveling north to then exit north or south back onto Logan Avenue.

“We know it will be a challenge for those that are familiar with our Emergency ramp and the traditional traffic flow,” said Jennifer Cord, vice president of operations for Presence United Samaritans, in the release. “We’ve met with the ambulance services so they are aware of the plans, and we’ll be sure to have ample signage to direct those arriving by private car.”

The reason for the change has to do with a safety-improvement project between the medical center and the city for Logan Avenue in front of the hospital. In order to slow vehicle traffic and to improve pedestrian crossing safety in front of the hospital, a median is being installed on Logan Avenue. Because of the location of the median, cars would be unable to turn into the former Emergency entrance approaching from the south. The design will, however, allow for vehicles to turn either direction when exiting the Emergency entrance.

“Anyone who has attempted to cross Logan knows how dangerous it can be at times,” Cord said in the release. “With a median in place and a directed pedestrian crosspath, we anticipate a safer Logan Avenue for everyone.”

While safety was the main driver for the changes, an improved aesthetics was also a goal. The median will be landscaped with greenery and flowers, and will be maintained by Presence United Samaritans, thanks to an agreement with the city’s PRIDE Grows program.

“We’re very appreciative of Mayor Eisenhauer and the City of Danville for helping to make this project happen,” said Mike Brown, Regional President and CEO at Presence United Samaritans, in the release. “Between this project, the new multi-use path and new exterior facility signs planned for fall, we’re looking at a much improved face to our campus.”

In addition to the Logan median, a similar median also will be installed on Fairchild by the Lakeview College of Nursing, which that organization will maintain with a similar PRIDE Grows agreement.

“We hope that median will also slow down traffic at the corner of Logan and Fairchild, and improve safety for our employees, the nursing students, and visitors crossing at those intersections,” Brown said.

Construction on the Fairchild median has begun, and the work on the Logan median will begin July 8, at which time the Emergency Department traffic change will take effect.

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