The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 27, 2013

Police repeat scams warning

Caller claims to represent firefighters


DANVILLE — Danville police are renewing a warning about a telephone scam asking residents for money on behalf of the police department.

At the beginning of the month, Danville Director of Public Safety Larry Thomason issued a warning to residents that three persons had received phone calls asking for donations and with the caller alleging he is with the Police Protective Fund.

That warning was expanded in a press release issued by Thomason on Tuesday that said a recent caller indicated he was representing firefighters.

“To my knowledge Local 429, representing Danville firefighters, and PB&PA Unit 11, representing Danville police officers, are not soliciting at this time,” Thomason said.

In addition, the recent caller made reference to being a representative from the state or national level who was raising funds for local firefighters.

According to Thomason, local residents should hang up if they are contacted by someone alleging to be raising money for either local police or firefighters.

Residents who do remain on the line should ask to be mailed information regarding the alleged organization collecting the funding and should note the phone number, if they have caller ID.

Three scam phone calls to residents prompted the first warning in early March. At that point, police indicated no one had actually donated funds.

Anyone who receives the phone calls should not donate and is asked to contact Danville police.

In a similar scam, police have received reports that some people have received calls from individuals seeking funds to help defray expenses, such as travel to see a sick family member or purchase food items. The individuals do not claim to be with an organization, but instead “prey upon the kindness of people to give them money,” Thomason said.