The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 3, 2013

Cut administrators’ pay


OAKWOOD — Editor:

I read Feb. 28 in the Commercial-News that Danville District 118 could have a shortfall of federal aid money as a result of actions taken in Washington to curtail the deficit growth in our federal government.

If we have a shortfall in our personal budgets, we would reduce our spending as much as we could.

Superintendent Mark Denman indicated the reduction could cost the district “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” He indicated the district could lose 5.4 percent of its federal funding, amounting to a loss of $200,000.

Mr. Denman’s salary is $138,000 with a tax deferred annuity of $22,000, and “other” benefits of $29,000. His total income is $189,000 dollars. And the district stands to lose how much, $200,000?

Mr. Denman is only one of the administrators in District 118 who all receive two to three times the salaries of the working teachers.

We do not have a problem here if we just trim a bit of the administrator salaries. Or maybe just furlough Mr. Denman.

Can you imagine if every government agency did the same thing how quickly these fiscal problems would go away?

What do you say?

Mark McLane