The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 24, 2013

Agrees with Hightower


ATLANTA — Editor:

Kudos to Chris Hightower’s Jan. 25 letter in reference to “School ends a dream.” That is my sentiment exactly.

There are many concerned parents and sports enthusiasts who agree. Why do they not speak up? For some, if they do address their concern to the coach or athletic director at Danville High School, their child is subject to not play or will see less playing time, regardless of the talent he/she might have.

If a player does not dance to the tune of the athletic director, he most definitely will not be a successful football or basketball player at DHS. An example: If his desire is for a student to play football, and the student chose not to, the student, can forget about playing basketball. That’s null and void. He can make the team, even the starting five, but his playing time is determined not by his skills, but by an egotistical, small-town athletic director.

Is there any other staff person in the district who has that kind of power? Where is the chain of command? My hope is the principal and superintendent retire with a clear conscience, and not close their eyes to the debilitating abuse of our youth by the athletic director and coach.

Mr. Hightower, I, too, am outraged, saddened and deeply disappointed in our DHS athletic department, but Donte Ingram will be a success, with or without “Doing It In Danville.” I still hope District 118 will support our youth by being a dreammaker, not a dream-taker.

Elouise Livingston

Atlanta, Ga.