The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

December 4, 2012

Schools do a good job



My two grandsons go to North Vermillion schools. One is in the sixth grade and the other one is in the eighth grade. My youngest grandson had a Grandparents Day and oldest grandson had a Grandparents Breakfast.

All of the teachers, cooks, principals were really courteous and polite and helpful. The teachers there treat every student equal, and they do not show any favoritism and no bullying there.

All the teachers and faculty work with the students that need help.

If the students need to talk about something, all of the teachers will take them into a special room and talk to them and help them work it out.

If a fight goes on, they (teachers) will take action to find out who started it first and will settle with that person. The schools are clean and organized, also.

We need schools and teachers like that. I am proud that my grandsons are going to that school. It is a wonderful school.

Linda Spicer