The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 25, 2012

We get it right


DANVILLE — Editor:

More white people voted for President Obama than people of color. Percentage-wise, only 39 percent but in numbers that 39 percent was larger than the 97 percent of blacks, 70-plus percent of Latinos and the 65-plus percent of Asians.

Our founding fathers recognized our nation would need a means to adjust to the changing times in the future, therefore, they established the Constitution, a document that allows our citizens to make needed changes through our elected representatives and our Supreme Court.

During elections, our two-party system presents arguments and the people decide by their vote. This system is messy, sometimes insulting, but necessary. When all is said and done, we count the votes. For the most part, our officials join together and govern.

As a black man, I would like all wrongs to be changed immediately but, I too, know that that is not how it works.

I look at the number of sacrifices large numbers of white people have done to keep this nation whole:

n Working to correct the wrongs perpetrated on the native people found on this land when this country was established.

n The elimination of slavery through a brutal Civil War and the death of large numbers of citizens on both sides.

n Establishing civil rights for all citizens.

n Establishing affirmative action to help people of color to level the playing field.

I just want to acknowledge that we, as a nation, always get it right in the end. I love this nation.

Nate Cunningham Sr.