The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 25, 2012

CARA needs donations


DANVILLE — Editor:

With Christmas coming, people often forget about the animals in animal shelters. The cats and dogs would appreciate gifts, too.

CARA — Citizens for Animal Rescue and Adoption — is a no-kill animal shelter in Tilton that would gladly accept any donations. Something CARA needs is bedding. They always run short of bedding, even with the washer and dryer running nonstop. If there isn’t enough bedding, then a cat might have to sleep on their cold cage bottom. They don’t need fancy “cat beds.” Towels and old blankets make great bedding for cats.

Some other things CARA could use are cat toys, and brushes and combs for dogs and cats. They have plenty of dog toys, but hardly any for cats. Scratch pads, scratching posts, and cat tubes are all things cats love. They also need paper towels to make cleaning cages easier.

CARA needs bowls, food, boxes and non-clumping cat litter donations. Boxes are used for litter boxes and bed boxes that the cats love to sleep in. The cats and dogs need bowls for their food and water. CARA uses non-clumping cat litter, which is expensive because of all their cats. But most important, the animals need food. Some cats require special diets or special cat litter.

Even if you don’t have the time to go through your things or buy things for CARA you could donate money. While you’re at it, look around at the dogs and cats and bring home a new friend.

Colleen Daniels