The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

December 9, 2012

Elections have consequences


DANVILLE — Editor:

Don Hall, how dare you!

My label for you — me being an “old” coach — you are a “Sunday morning quarterback. You have no monopoly on “principles.” You clearly do not understand tolerance. Talking from a standpoint of, ”my way or the highway,” you insult the majority of voters in this past election.

To my knowledge, no one died and put you in charge. Yes, you are free to state your opinion, but you are not free to state your on set of ‘facts.”

Our country settled this abortion business years ago. You and your followers are not free to impose your religious edicts on the rest of us. You do realize that we have more religious groups than countries in the world. There are many that choose to kill if you do not accept their religious principles.

Our country at large frowns on that principle and we stay out of the patient-doctor dichotomy. I suggest, you and your followers do the same.

Please stop sitting in judgment of the Catholics, Baptists, Church of Christ, Nazarene and large numbers of the Jewish religion. You just don’t get it — your side lost. Elections in our democracy have consequences. You lost the battle of ideas. Get over it.

Nate Cunningham Sr.