The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 28, 2012

Use common sense


DANVILLE — Editor:

I am amazed how many movie stars support our president. They support his policies, but don’t they realize the reason they are so rich is because people having money to go to their movies makes them rich? It is called capitalism.

There is nothing wrong with making money if it is done through hard work and wise investing. What is wrong is when people cheat, lie and steal. It’s not making money that is evil. It’s the love of money that’s evil.

All this government control, either by city or federal, about drinking 16 ounces of pop is nonsense. I don’t see anyone telling beer drinkers they can only have one beer. When I went to school from 1939-1951, I never saw a pop machine in our schools. The only pop I saw was when I was in high school and we sold pop at concession stands for our senior trip — and it was kept under lock and key until game time.

I know obesity is high in children, and I feel bad, but I don’t feel government should be dictating how much pop a person can drink. I say if the schools want this stopped, just don’t let the companies put machines in the schools.

I’m surprised someone hasn’t tried to stop drinking bottled water — after all, those plastic bottles do fill landfills.

Use common sense and let people have control over their eating. We don’t need government in everything!

Wilmetta Feezor