The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 2, 2013

Hearts & darts

The Commercial-News

---- — Here are some of the good things readers noticed around the area recently:

Marjorie Hacker of Danville sends hearts to “the Danville Police Department.

“After I moved, they checked on my house. After seeing no lights, they called to check on me. They were concerned for my safety and checked to see that everything was OK.

“They have a very difficult job, and they are doing very good work.

“I thank them so very much.”

Susy Riggle of Georgetown sends hearts “to a former student — Jeff English.

“Thank you, Jeff, for your kindness and thoughtfulness at Rich’s Restaurant last Monday. We so appreciated what you did! You are proof there are still good people in this world, who enjoy helping others. May God bless you!

Members of the Danville Lions Club send hearts to “the people of Danville for their generous support during the recent Candy Day fundraiser.

“We would like to extend a special thanks to County Market Towne Centre and County Market North for letting our members raise funds at their locations. Your collective support will allow the Lions club to continue to serve the City of Danville and its citizens.”

Staff members at the Danville Blood Bank on Liberty Lane send hearts “to Jim Hotsinpiller, who trimmed all of the shrubs and trees at the blood bank building, as well as raking and hauling away the trimmings, old leaves and branches.

“Jim did this freely on his own free time. Hearts to Jim for being such a great fellow. Thanks, Jim!”

Shirley Butcher of Danville sends hearts “to the therapy department for the miracle they brought to a resident, Danny, at Danville Care Nursing Home. When he arrived, I noticed he was really sick. Staff members from the therapy department started working with him and eventually had him walking with a cane. He was a new person. He reads his Bible and is an inspiration to us all.

“Many thanks to you. Keep up the good work.”

Kenneth Hirsig of Danville sends hearts to “John and Rosalynn Maudlin of Georgetown for hosting Bethel Luther Church’s annual picnic/wiener roast. Although only 12 members, plus several neighbors, showed up, a great time was had by all.

“The weather was very good — although windy — the companionship was great and the food was outstanding.

“Thanks again, gang!”