The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

July 3, 2013

Dislikes contract proposals


DANVILLE — Editor:

I am serving in Kosovo as an officer in the reserves. I am also a member of the Danville School Board and have been trying to actively participate on the board as much as practical despite the mission here and the seven-hour time difference.

The school board is working hard on the contract proposal between D118 and the DEA.

There appears to be a split on the board regarding a few matters.

I would like to ask the community to provide input on two policy issues the board is considering.

Currently, the board pays the dependent coverage for all married couples who both work for the district.

This may have been a sound policy once, but today in Danville, I do not see the need for the community to pay the dependent health care coverage for some of the highest income earners in our community.

The other issue where I would like feedback from the community is on the practice of pension spiking.

This is an automatic pay increase — 6 percent in Danville — the final three years of employment in D118.

Perhaps another time and place, I could support this practice, however, today with a $98 billion shortfall in the Illinois public pension system and also a massive state budget deficit, I believe this practice is irresponsible; our community cannot afford it and it must stop.

Fellow citizens, please contact the board and let us know your thoughts. It’s your money!

Steve Bragorgos

Pristina, Kosovo