The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

September 8, 2013

Changes necessary

The Commercial-News

---- — Changes necessary

President Obama continues playing illegal — as in unconstitutional — and cynical partisan games with ObamaCare. He intends to fool voters until after the November 2014 midterm elections by postponing the costs, chaos and other inadequacies of ObamaCare. After that it’ll be too late for us to enforce our wishes on our elected representatives.

The illegality resides in Obama’s picking and choosing what parts of ObamaCare to implement and when. By this Obama is singlehandedly rewriting federal law. This violates his oath of office, in which he swore to “faithfully execute” the laws. Obama has similarly violated his oath in other areas: DOMA; matters regarding illegal aliens; federal bankruptcy law; etc.

After threatening “If Congress won’t act, I will”, Obama is now proceeding to do so, creating law through executive actions in still other areas, such as a carbon tax that Congress had explicitly voted down.

Obama has also acted in multiple ways to violate various protections guaranteed us by our Bill of Rights: attacking free exercise of religion; peremptory drone strikes on citizens; massive snooping around all our

private communications; etc. Then there is Obama’s flagrant, abusive use of the IRS for political purposes, and his continued lies to and coverup from the American people regarding Benghazi, etc.

We are witnessing an alarming, broad pattern by an increasingly lawless and imperious president. Unfortunately, our only recourse to Obama’s illegality must come from either the current Congress (unlikely), the federal courts (unlikely), or ourselves — we, the people — through changing Congress in November 2014.

Lynn McLinden