The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

September 1, 2013

Employees not to blame

The Commercial-News

---- — Employees not to blame

I’m tired of state employees taking all the blame for Illinois’ debt problems.

The astronomical deficit was not caused by the state employees and retirees.

The state is now paying state workers and retirees out of its own pocket so they’re using the employee’s retirement as a scapegoat.

The news media is buying into this malarkey coming from Springfield. The comptroller had said how the deficit was down but by December it will be back at $9 billion. The reporter then added this is because of the state employee pension issue.

Our political leadership caused this mess. If we ran our households like the state runs its business, we’d all be homeless and starving. Truthfully, how does a person in Illinois acquire the use of two Link cards? I know the LINK system is a great thing for those that are in need of the help. But, those individuals that found ways to manipulate us out of thousands of dollars make me skeptical that this system works or is monitored at all. Have you been behind someone at the gas station or grocery store as they use their LINK card and then hear, “Hold on, put the rest on this one” and a second LINK card is produced. Doesn’t this seem fraudulent? Meanwhile, state workers are busting their butts to “work” for their paychecks and pay into their own retirements, while these shysters are bilking the state daily.

You didn’t know they paid into their retirement? That’s because Springfield and the news media haven’t mentioned that? In fact, all of the money “borrowed” from the state employees was money the employees themselves paid. The state never added a dime. They want to keep the wool over your eyes and let you believe that these workers who guard prisoners or teach our children or help children out of abusive homes, are just bleeding dry the state’s finances.

I am fed up with hearing half-truths or out and out lies. I want the public to be enlightened and remind everyone that the situation our state is in started when the state borrowed money from the State Employee Retirement Fund and have never paid it back.

Until our leaders wake up and smell what they’re shoveling, this will never be the great state it should be. There’s too much fraud, wasteful spending and too many drug dealers getting free rides. Stop blaming the hard working people of this state for your short falls. Remember, if we decide to stop paying our bills we would be out on the streets. Well, at least then we could get our hands on a couple of LINK cards and all will be right with the world.

Shelby Jennings resides in Danville.