The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

August 25, 2013

Get on board

The Commercial-News

---- — Get on board


I differ with Bill Engle’s recent letter to the editor. A visit to the nearest grocery store is certainly not enough data for to conclude that a customer with a “Link Card” or other government assistance is somehow bad. Conservatives did this kind of scare tactics in the last presidential election and it backfired on people of that ilk.

Concluding that President Obama is turning our country into some “ideological welfare state,” as Fox News pundits claim daily, is very sad!

Conservatives lost in the last election. Throwing stones from the sideline is poor sportsmanship. Name-calling and accusing people who need assistance is no way to gain constituents or win elections.

In small areas such as Danville, which is pretty conservative, you might win some elections but with our country becoming more multi-cultural and fair to all you can either get on board or stand on the sidelines and bawl like a small child. The choice is yours.

Nate Cunningham Sr.