The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

September 28, 2012

Change Geo-RF bus plan



I agree with Jeffery Galyen’s recent letter about this new Georgetown-Ridge Farm school transportation system that makes no sense. It is terrible.

In my opinion, they should go back and do it the old way. If they go back the old way, it will make the parents feel a lot better about their children’s safety.

School officials said they had to cut back on things. I think it was wrong of them to cut back on this.

They say they are concerned about our children’s safety. So why did they cut back on our school system’s buses?

It also seems that there’s not enough money for our schools. Where has all of the money we gave for our schools go?

They should consider our children’s safety first and then the other things later.

So let’s go back to the old way, so that we will feel a lot better for our children’s safety.

I think people should stand up and let school officials know how we feel about this new school transportation system that is hurting our children’s safety.

I also think that they should crack down and control this fast driving situation. There has to be more action taken about this matter for our children’s safety and everybody else’s safety.

Linda Spicer