The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 17, 2013

Shooting range a bad idea



Citizens of Georgetown, you are being taken advantage of.

I own property on the south side of Georgetown Sportsmans Club. I and many others, including Richard Frazier, Sonny Phillips, Theresa Sollars, Mark Kocurek, Melissa Rollins, Vicky Milewski, have concerns about the new gun range.

The gun range will be pointed directly at my property, eliminating all future home plans and recreation.

We feel our property values will drop dramatically due to the noise pollution and safety issues. The shots of this range will ring through the streets and rural areas of Georgetown, particularly the south end. The range will operate on nice weekends when people are enjoying their own outdoor activities.

The Little Vermilion River will become unsafe and undesirable. Imagine fishing your local river and being peppered with bird shot from clay pigeons from the new gun range.

The mayor and board members have agreed to part with this property for the ridiculous amount of $1 per year. This is your revenue from your city property. This property could be sold for a profit to benefit you and your families. This money could be used for the citizens rather than more sales at the gun shop.

Mr. Frazier has informed me that the mayor is not willing to hear anyone regarding this matter on Monday. Please join us at this meeting and be heard. There is strength in numbers.

Travis Cox