The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

May 2, 2013

Poor use of our money


COVINGTON, Ind. — Editor:

Here are just a few places where your money is being spent wisely:

How about a study of African elephants and human encounter; cost, $3.8 million. Another grant to study ducks’ private parts. A wine-tasting trip, $600.000. Another $150 billion to build recreational facilities at the Gitmo Prison in Cuba for the terrorists.

Another grant to make robotic squirrels. Foreign aid to Jordan, Palestine, Egypt; cost, billions.

How about the lobbyists; both parties are together on this one. They get two checks, one is from us and another from them; that’s why 90 percent are millionaires. The president’s first-term promise was to eliminate them. I guess he likes that extra cash like the rest.

On another subject, how about the $350,000 we pay every year for our elected politicians’ haircuts. Remember Obamacare, the plan to bring down medical costs?

Not happening. Major health care companies recently announced premium costs to go up 50-55 percent next year.

How about the federal employees who owe over $4 billion in back taxes; they’re still working.

The best one is the closing of White House tours; cost, $74,500 a week.

Did any of the tour staff lose their jobs? No, they were transferred to other departments.

As our president said, his quote, “I will not balance the budget for the sake of balance.”

The hope is gone, the change, more spending, more taxes, no cuts and no accountability.

Charles J. Matul

Covington, Ind.