The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 14, 2013

Say no to gun range



Reasons to keep gun range out of the Georgetown community:



EPA guidelines;

Property values;

Threat to endangered species;

Light pollution.

These are just some of our concerns. The main concerns are noise, safety and property values. Increased traffic is a given, but increase in police handling this issue is not since this is out of the city limits. We have worked our whole life for what we have.

This shooting range does not benefit the entire community — it benefits only a select few who have a membership. It, however, affects many homeowners. It just so happens most of these homeowners pay the highest taxes in town. This gun range is placed in the near proximity of some of the best areas Georgetown has to offer.

A gun range is not a drawing card for the community. In this day and age with so much gun violence, I would think it is the duty of the city to be more vigilant of safety issues.

There are surely other options for this land. It is prime waterfront property. Land values might be down, but the city could definitely make money — far more than $25 — and put it to use in this community. God knows the community could use some aesthetic upgrades.

We, as concerned members of this community, do not want this project to go forward in any way, shape or form. As has been said … “Don’t put something in our backyard that you would not put in yours!”

Sonny Phillips