The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 11, 2013

Ban same-sex marriage


DANVILLE — Editor:

Real love is always ready to forgive and to ask forgiveness. Real love is not false. A same-ex marriage bill in Springfield redefines marriage in Illinois. The state Snate passed the bill. Passage pleased many.

Beyond pleasing people, though, the state looks to the future. The future needs babies. Same-ex intercourse makes no babies. Since the state marries sterile heterosexuals, there is an argument that the state is unfair to same-ex couples. Existing civil union law protects rights for same-ex couples, but a state “marriage” license confers “cultural” affirmation.

There is power in the word “marry.” All the happily married couples admit as much. More important, though, should culture affirm same-sex marriage?

Truly, sex is powerful. Sex blesses couples to promise themselves solely to one another in lifelong intercourse open to conception. Even with obvious sterility, particularly among the elderly, there is a happy example for the young. We need such examples.

Regrettably, we lust to enjoy sex less responsibly. Sex in any other way is “disordered.” When we give in to temptation, everything is complicated.

Redefining marriage changes the ideal of marriage. Same-sex marriage is a temptation, whether for virgins or those in traditional marriages, to try same-sex intercourse. There will be more complications, not less.

Contact your representative. Real love does not tempt sex outside of traditional marriage. Tell the Illinois House to affirm traditional marriage and vote down the same-sex marriage bill.

L. E. Smith