The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

October 31, 2012

Marron is a strong leader


WINCHESTER, Calif — Editor:

Vermilion County needs Mike Marron. Honor, courage and commitment are values integral to being a great leader.

Honor — Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Courage — In the face of question and adversity, stick to what you believe is right and morally just. Additionally, have the courage to be humble and seek advice.

Commitment — This value comes from the conviction that the cause you serve is greater than yourself. This conviction provides the stamina to be honorable and courageous under any circumstances.

I was fortunate to serve with many exceptional leaders during my 21 years of duty as a Navy Seabee. As a senior chief, it was my responsibility to develop and mentor young leaders. I have seen talented and experienced individuals fail miserably because their actions were not founded on the principles of honor courage and commitment. Conversely, I witnessed young men and women embrace these basic values and succeed as leaders.

I believe it is important my vote goes to leaders who are firmly grounded with these values. The citizens of Vermilion County are lucky to have Mike Marron as a candidate for county board. I have known Mike for a long time and am confident the values of honor, courage and commitment are the basis from which Mike operates.

He is and always has been committed to serving his church, his family and his fellow citizens. We need young, well-grounded leaders with enthusiasm at every level of our government. Support Mike Marron.

Tom Maxwell

Winchester, Calif.