The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 19, 2014

Liberals are wrong

The Commercial-News

---- — Liberals are wrong


Liberals believe as Karl Marx, that those who have worked and saved should somehow support those who didn’t and haven’t, that they are entitled to the same lifestyle without expending any effort. They believe everyone should make the same wage regardless of the degree of difficulty of the job — flipping burgers vs doctors. They believe whatever feels good is OK regardless of common law or God’s law.

They buy into many of the lies put out by our government without checking the facts. Why? Because they want someone else to do what they should. They believe in global warming while the winter has recorded the lowest temperatures a decade and a ship full of scientists is stuck in the ice in Antarctica. They believe gun control is the only way to protect you from becoming a victim of violent crime but ignore the facts showing that 8,000 people daily defend themselves with firearms, this from a study done by the Obama administration never released to the public.

Liberals buy into the free stuff — housing, food stamps, Medicaid, phones, global warming, gun control — without realizing that its not about helping them but controlling them! Just give me more!

Anyone who can think for himself or herself realizes that if you have $100 and spend $150 you are in trouble. What will they do when our government can no longer provide the free stuff?

Max W. Morgan

Covington, Ind.